20 Times People Had Awful Taste In Shoe Designing But Great Execution Skills

Published 1 year ago

Previously, we introduced you to the subreddit Awful Taste But Great Execution which collects photos of “Work done so well, you won’t know whether to love it or hate it”.

Today, we decided to collect photos of weirdly-designed shoes from their page. Check out some of the most hilarious shoe-designs in the gallery below and decide for yourself if you find them cool or horrible.

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#1 These Wookie Shoes That My Brother Bought

Image source: NoahWilsonMagic

#2 These Shoes Found In A Second-Hand Shop

Image source: katefromthenorth

#3 I Personally Think These Are Beautiful And Remind Me Of Monster High Doll Shoes. My BF Does Not Like ‘Em. Lol

Image source: StrawKBerry

#4 My Footwear Design Entry For A Local Competition

Image source: Lulu_Antichrist

#5 I Looked Up “Dachshund In Shoes” And Got This

Image source: emmeevee

#6 Pigeon Shoes

Image source: GNN_Contato

#7 These Campbell’s Tomato Soup Shoes I Received For Christmas Years Ago

Image source: PoopEater10

#8 These Gum Shoe High Heels

Image source: thebayallday

#9 Armoured Crocs

Image source: cricklecoux

#10 This Marge Simpson Shoe

Image source: froopy_doo

#11 Just Went Through My Old Shoe Collection And Realized I Always Had An Impeccable Sense For Style

Image source: nalabolika

#12 Pasta Shoes

Image source: super_corndog

#13 These Shoes

Image source: TheKeen1337

#14 Running Shoes…for Elves??

Image source: shizzleforizzle

#15 Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatball Shoes

Image source: UnicornArachnid

#16 Buzz Lightyear Shoes

Image source: Din_Gurevich

#17 Hoof Shoes

Image source: Vayro

#18 These Hamburger Shoes

Image source: Siansian010

#19 Went To The Dollar Store.. Found Grass Shoes

Image source: Altenalo

#20 Ps2 Shoes

Image source: Eggballz

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