Woman Stunned After Her Granddaughter Found Her Fashion School Designs From 1940 And Recreated Them

Published 11 months ago

During pandemic times most of us were safely tucked away at home, dabbling in arts and crafts hobbies to alleviate the boredom. Meanwhile, some folks decided to take time out of their lives to engage in wholesome visits with their grandparents before it was too late.

One such 27 Y.O. is a Tiktoker by the name of Julia, who shared her own discoveries of her senior’s secret talents during one such trek to her grandmother’s in 2021. She barely knew how to sew but when she stumbled across her Grandma’s clothing sketches, she was inspired to bring the designs to life as best she could. Scroll below to see how she did in her efforts of bringing Nana’s designer dreams to life which has now amassed over 21 million views. 

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#1 I‘M Starting With Some Of The Easier Ones And Working My Way Up

Image source: boringbb

#2 Grandma Said “I Lived Long Enough To See One Of Them Come Off The Paper”

Image source: boringbb

#3 I Usually Make A Few Changes But I Made Sure To Keep The 50’s Silhouette

Image source: boringbb

This skirt is so flattering. I will definitely be making more dresses using a similar 50’s skirt style. I feel like I should be going to halloweentown prom in this

#4 This Is The 1st Grandma Design I’ve Made That’s Not A Dress. Grandma Has Drawn Many Short/Pants Outfits I Hope To Make. This Seemed Like An Easier One To Start With

Image source: boringbb

#5 Would You Chop Up Your Wedding Dress To Repurpose?

Image source: boringbb

If you have been with me for a while you may recognize this fabric as I made one of my wedding dresses out of this last year. It was super expressive – so I thought – why not repurpose it?

#6 I Think You Can See My Sewing Skills Getting Better Even In Just A Few Months Time. Practice Makes Perfect

Image source: boringbb

#7 I Feel Like I Should Be Going To An 80’s Prom In This Dress

Image source: boringbb

#8 This Was The Only Dress I’ve Made With Pockets But They Are Amazing

Image source: boringbb

#9 This Is Not My Favorite Thing I’ve Made

Image source: boringbb

-but it is crunch time for the show & I’ve made 5 dresses in the last 4 weeks. I was exhausted by the time I went to go make this

#10 This Was By Far My Hardest Project I’ve Ever Done

Image source: boringbb

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