35 Incredibly Useful Life Hacks That Have Saved These Internet Users Tons Of Money And Time

Published 9 months ago

Life can be tricky, but luckily, there are ingenious individuals out there who have discovered clever shortcuts and brilliant hacks to make things a little easier. From time-saving tips to money-saving tricks, people have come together to share their favorite life hacks that are absolutely worth knowing.

Get ready to have your mind blown and your daily routines revolutionized as we dive into this collection of practical and downright genius hacks.

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Image source: looj87, Kevin Donnigan

Batch cook lunches. It takes an hour out of your Sunday but is so much cheaper and ensures you don’t just eat junk food because it’s easier.


Image source: bun_stop_looking, Filipe Leme

Marry someone with similar values and priorities to you, those become important later in life as you begin to have to make tradeoffs with time and money


Image source: deltapapa1, Tima Miroshnichenko

Having saving accounts for expenses that are expected in the coming year like car registration and repairs, house repairs, and gifts. I pay into those accounts each month like they’re bills. And when I get a car repair bill, I move money over from that savings account for it because I’ve “prepaid” it.

Additionally, no matter how much money I make, I give myself a fixed weekly “allowance” that transfers to a debit card that I use for gas, haircuts, groceries, eating out and other discretionary spending. This helps me stay on a spending plan without over thinking it.

These disciplines have helped me save thousands of dollars in overspending or debt servicing because I wasn’t prepared for the expense. I’ve also been able to save more for my emergency fund and retirement as a result.


Image source: _________FU_________, Andrea Piacquadio

Learning to be helpful at my job. About 15 years ago I simply decided that I would be helpful. If someone asked for help I would always volunteer. If someone was struggling I would offer to help. If someone needed a technical email drafted I’d write it and ask for no credit. My goal was simple. I want to help those around me be the best they can be and I want us all to go home on time.

Since making that decision I’ve only benefitted. People look out for me, help me find work, and if I really need help I know someone will step up.


Image source: prettyasadiagram, Dmitry Zvolskiy

Organise your rooms based on how you use them, not how you think they should be. Find out how you behave and go with the flow.

E.g. if your room is always messy because you leave your books on your bed, that’s because you read in bed. Put your shelf next to your bed or make your nightstand the designated book spot.

If you use a chair for clothes that are too clean to go in the hamper but too dirty to be in the closet, that’s because you don’t have a designated space for it. Have two hampers. One for dirty, one for not so dirty.


Image source: curiousvegetables, Nataliya Vaitkevich

Five fast things.

Overwhelmed? Don’t know where to begin? Depressed even?

Just do 5 things.

Pick up those socks, return that cup to the kitchen, water your plant, make the bed, respond to one message…

Half the time, you’ll get on a roll, and it turns into 20 things. Get in a groove and play some music. Magic happens.

Just do 5 things. Doesn’t matter what they are, don’t write a list. Nothing major.

Live fast die old, no regrets.


Image source: karendonner, Mikhail Nilov

You guys are all about the self improvement. I am lazy-girling it over here but: Automatic bill pay.

Every bill. Automatic. Set credit cards to pay off in full every month if you’re a points ranger.It’s how I have an 820 FICO. I thought that would never happen.

Also, try to get enough sleep but if you can’t, get as far away from your sleep space as possible in the morning and don’t go back until you are 100 % awake. I put my clothes for the next day in the front bathroom, don’t even shower in the master bath because the temptation to slither back into that bed like some kind of homing flounder is so strong.


Image source: SecretSnorlax, Wendelin Jacober

1. When moving from room to room, always take something that needs moving. There’s always something!
2. The five minute rule – if something takes less than five minutes, just do it.
3. A water flosser (yes I know not as good as real floss but I have a fixed retainer and I realistically am never going to use that fiddly superfloss stuff twice a day).
4. Portable travel steamer in my bedroom (instead of taking something downstairs to be ironed). EDIT: I should have noted that I’m a woman so I’m usually steaming silk, light cottons, cashmere, etc. (The steamer is also great for refreshing fabrics such as wool, silk and cashmere which are naturally self-cleaning.) If you’re trying to get the results of an iron on, for example, a smart shirt, you’re going to be disappointed. :(
5. Set days of the week for changing sheets, washing towels etc.


Image source: GallifreyanValkyrie, cottonbro studio

When clothes shopping, I don’t look at the price tag until I get to the dressing room. I try on the piece and then make up a price that I would feel comfortable paying for it. If it is below that price, I’ll buy it. If it’s above it, back on the rack it goes.

Also, if you don’t absolutely love it, don’t buy it. If you only *like* it, don’t buy it.


Image source: w13szczus, RDNE Stock project

Mine is “Might as Well” when walking past laundry on the floor, might as well take it to the bin if I am heading that way. Walking past trash on the floor, I Might as well pick it up and put it in the bin. Going downstairs Might as Well take a cup and put it in the sink. Trying to compress multiple activities into one when it is convenient.


Image source: Dookimus, Liza Summer

Turn all your clothes hangers around at the start of the year, if they’re still the wrong way around the following year, ditch the clothes, either sell them on vinted or donate


Image source: Technical-General-27, Anna Tarazevich

When my kids started school, I set an alarm in my phone for about 10 minutes before we had to leave. That way, it was only the clock/alarm telling them to hurry up, not their mother. They’re in their final years of schooling now, I still have the alarm and in those 13 years, I’ve only had to yell to get ready maybe 5 times and my kids have only been late for real reasons (car trouble etc). It really helped us.


Image source: Catonachandelier, Yu Morita

“Kill it before it grows,” lol. Tackle all those little things that can turn into bigger problems before they have a chance to get worse. That annoying drip you just noticed in the kitchen? Go fix it before it turns into a $400 water bill. Loose piece of siding? Nail that sucker down before it blows off and hits your car. Random mint plant growing in the yard? Pull it up before it takes over.


Image source: charcoalportraiture, Alina Vilchenko

Setting out a full outfit the night before, for whatever activity I have planned for tomorrow. I don’t have to go searching for socks and appropriate undergarments, it dumps a mental load, and when I’m running behind schedule I know it’s the last thing I have to do before I bolt out.


Image source: feestfrietje, Vlada Karpovich

”Just 10 minutes”. Put on a timer, and start doing what needs to be done in the house. Folding the laundry, washing dishes, putting away clutter, etc. When the timer goes off, you can stop. But far more often I’ll just keep going untill everything is done.


Image source: UnproSpeller, Andrew Patrick

In the mornings don’t think, just get up. You’ll have plenty of time to think later in the day.


Image source: SixFootSnipe, Kampus Production

I wash as I cook. A lot of cooking is standing waiting for something to heat up or mix. I rinse off the stir spoon or scraper right away and put it back. Use a measuring cup, same thing. My wife doesn’t and she has a whole dishwasher full of cooking bowls, cups, and utensils at the end that take way more time to take care of. If you rinse off everything right away it doesn’t dry on and you can quickly dry it and put it back.


Image source: Financial-Hamster20, savageblackout

20 pairs of the same socks. This is a lifetime saver!! Don’t waste your time and searching or sort your socks. Just grab 2 piece ?


Image source: Shadowphyre98, Anna Shvets

Eat before going shopping for groceries. You’ll be less likely to buy snacks and stuff. Also make a list and buy just what’s on the list.


Image source: thePsychonautDad, Gustavo Fring

Save massive amount of money and have free time with this one simple trick: Don’t have kids

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