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Bear Sleeping Bag Is Perfect For Scaring People While You Sleep

Published 5 years ago

The problem with sleeping is that you don’t scare many people while doing it. So how about a sleeping bag that makes you look like a bear? Modeled after Eiko Ishizawa’s The Great Sleeping Bear, it lets you crawl in, zip up and sleep soundly with the knowledge that your snoring will scare everyone away. And since the insides of the bag are pink, it’s wearing wearing fur straight off the bear!

Eiko Ishizawa was inspired by the story of Bruno “the problem bear”. This animal had wandered into Germany from Italy and threatened farmers by eating their sheep, chicken, and even a guinea pig. While there were calls to for a non-lethal bear takedown, the efforts were in vain and Bruno had to be put down.

More info: | cargocollective (h/t: thedododesigntaxi)

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Are you planning to sleep like a bear through the entire winter?


The sleeping bag was inspired by a true story about Bruno the “problem bear” who wandered from the Italian Alps into Bavaria


(Image by Dre Ortiz)

Now you too can transform into your bear form!



Now go steal some picnic baskets!


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