384ft-Tall Apartment Tower To Be World’s First Vertical Evergreen Forest

Published 9 years ago

A house isn’t a park… except for when it totally is. This green tower is going to be the first evergreen building in the world. It’s designed by Italian architect Stefano Boeri. The building going to be 117 meter tall and feature more than 100 cedar trees, 6,000 shrubs, and 18,000 plants. The aptly-named The Tower of Cedars (La Tour des Cedres) weill be built in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“This will make Lausanne a cutting-edge city in the global challenge to implement urban quality together with sustainability and biodiversity,” Boeri told Dezeen.The architect has experience in this: in 2014, he completed two towers called “The Vertical Forest”, and they contain over a 1,000 different species of trees.

More info: stefanoboeriarchitetti.net | facebook (h/t: boredpanda, dezeen)

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The Tower of Cedars will be the first vertical evergreen forest in the world


It will stand 117 meters / 384 feet tall and have 100 trees, 6,000 shrubs and 18,000 plants over 3,000 square meters


The plants would protect the inhabitants from pollution (including dust) and noise



Stefano Boeri, the architect, has already built the two Vertical Forest towers that you can see below:




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