These Grooms Cry Tears Of Joy When They Saw Their Brides

Published 10 years ago

Weddings are quite an emotional occasion for the bride, the groom and the witnesses of the ceremony. We usually hear about the bride’s tears of joy and rarely picture the groom trying to control his emotions, but this is exactly what happened to these lucky guys when they laid eyes on their beautiful brides for the first time.

This list of photographs, collected by Matt Bellassai, shows the happy grooms’ most beautiful and heart-melting reactions.

via: buzzfeedmymodernmet

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Image credits: Michelle Newell Photography

Image credits: Andria Lindquist

Image credits: Marni Rothschild Pictures

Image credits: Andria Lindquist

mage credits: Simply Bloom Photography

Image credits: April + Paul

Image credits: Stella Uys

Image credits: Onelove Photography

Image credits: Figlewicz Photography

Image credits: Nguyen Le

Image credits: Fixed Focal Photography

Image credits: Joe Elario Photography

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits: Lynn Michelle

Image credits:

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