If You Need A Christmas Tree But Don’t Have The Space, This ‘Half Christmas Tree’ Might Be Exactly What You’re Looking For

Published 4 years ago

If you live in a small apartment or simply have limited space in your home, every Christmas becomes a little nightmare. You want to decorate a Christmas tree in your living room but it ends up taking so much space, you hardly have any room left to walk around. Apparently it’s a more common problem than you thought and a company called Hammacher Schlemmer just came up with a solution – a half Christmas tree.

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Hammacher Schlemmer recently introduced a Christmas tree that’s perfect for homes with limited space

Image credits: Hammacher Schlemmer

The product is called the “Against The Wall Christmas Tree” and is designed, as the name suggests, to rest against against the wall, reducing the space needed to a minimum.

The product is called the ‘Against The Wall Christmas Tree’ and is essentially a Christmas tree cut in half

Image credits: Hammacher Schlemmer

And if you see decorating as a bit of a chore, this Christmas tree solves that problem too – half the tree means half the decorating time!

The tree even comes with 350 pre-installed LED lights rated for 25,000 hours

Image credits: Hammacher Schlemmer

The Christmas tree measures at 78″ (196 cm) in height, 43″ (109 cm) in width, and 22″ (56 cm) in depth.

This half-tree will set you back a whopping $249.95

Image credits: Ambius Nederland

However, the tree comes at quite a hefty price – it’s listed for $249.95 on the company’s website. Almost twice the price for half the tree, don’t you think?

No more having the Christmas tree occupy half of your living room!

Image credits: my.happy.home.xx

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