15 Hand-Embroidered Clothes Inspired By Puns, Memes, Pop Culture And More

Published 1 month ago

Meet Karla and Fabricio, the dynamic duo behind the Rebordação Handmade Embroidery project based in Portugal. Since launching their venture in 2017, they’ve been on a mission to infuse modern flair into the traditional art of embroidery. Specializing in hoop-framed embroideries, their work is a vibrant fusion of puns, memes, and pop culture references. Last year, they ventured into hand-embroidering clothing pieces, and now they’re thrilled to unveil the results of their latest creative endeavour!

More info: Instagram | Etsy

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Just-A-Black-Cat-Lover: How about… NOmaste! lol



Just-A-Black-Cat-Lover: 24/7, 365, what else am I missing here?






Natasha Arruda: I can’t even afford to be my own Artificial Sweetener Guardian. Sugar Daddy isn’t happening.



Just-A-Black-Cat-Lover: “On WeDnEsDaYs We WeAr PiNk!”

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