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Have Fun While You Earn With Jewelry Making

Published 5 years ago

Making Jewelry at home. Isn’t it sounding different and amusing? Yes, you can design and wrap your own jewelry at your home with your hands. Making Jewelry at home would be both fun and admiring as you make the Jewelry the way you want or wish. Wrapping the wire in different forms and giving the shape of jewelry of variety forms such as Pendants, Rings and Clasps and so on would just need a little attention and technique that can be acquired in no time with perfection and style.

The handcrafted wire jewelry would be an amazing and unique idea and also makes you special and beautiful wherever you go. The art of making wire jewelry can be learnt with some few or fun full steps or techniques that would uncover the artist within you. Here, we are penning down few simple yet magical techniques to be followed and learnt by those who wish to craft the wire jewelry.

Clasp making – A perfect way to make a clasp with classic look at the blink of an eye.

Copper necklace making – With a piece of copper wire bending and stringing to the shape one desires.

Pendant making – Get a gemstone of any colour and use any silver or copper wire and scroll the wire through stone. The pendant is ready.

Bead and Wire earrings – Use any material or beads like glass, gemstone or anything else. Tie them or dangle them by using wire of your choice.

Rings with Wire – Take wire of your choice decide the design of your wish, start twisting and moulding wire to that shape. Here your choice, finger fit ring is ready.

Apart from making wire jewelry by one’s self, one can buy these items from any store which sells handicrafts and can also explore online. As, going and buying from handicrafts stores is a herculean task, one can explore the multitudinous options that are just a click away. There are certain online jewelry retailers such as Jabong, Myntra and so on, who specialized in assembling and distributing the original hand-crafted products at door step.

These websites have a direct contact with people who crafts these jewelry and also has a catalog of designs from which one can choose the design that best fits. These websites post order by a customer passes the designs to the maker and delivers the same to those who ordered. Apart from originality of the jewelry, these websites are specialized in maintaining the quality and also addresses the cost concern of those who orders through them.

Using websites like Jabong, Myntra would not only assures quality and cost but also assures the timely delivery. These websites also offers exclusive discount coupons at the time of various occasions, which would reduce the price of jewelry further. Buy jewelry by using myntra coupons, Jabong Coupons and share a picturesque look. As, the coupons by Jabong and Myntra offers jewelry at a competitive price it is the perfect time to look and pretty.

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Jewelry making

Jewelry making

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