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Healthy Eating for Healthy Living: 3 Natural Ice Cream Recipes

Published 5 years ago

Millions of people all around the world are struggling trying to loose odd kilograms and get rid of overweight which slowly kills them. There are two main points that might bring you to the success: healthy diet and enough physical activity. More often we are trying to find some magic pills like Duromine or any others, yet together with positive effect they bring terrible side effects. There is a stereotype that healthy food is usually not tasty, so in this article we will try to show that this not true by giving you some magnificent recipes of healthy and tasty ice-creams made from natural products.

We hope these recipes will be useful for you and alongside with admiring the delicious taste they will help you to be in shape and stay healthy.

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Apple Sorbet

Apple Sorbet

Needed products: two apples, quarter of a lemon, one tea spoon of honey, half of a tea spoon of blended cinnamon.

Clear apples from a peel, slice, delete the middle parts and boil them till they become soft. After they are chilled down, put the mass into a blender and blend till you gat porridge. When done, add prepared honey, lemon juice, cinnamon and blend it one again. Put future sorbet into the plate and send it to the freezer for one hour. Such ice-cream will be not only tasty, but also extremely healthy, as all products in it are natural contain a huge variety of vitamins and microelements.

Banana Ice-cream

Banana Ice-cream

Prepare the following products: two bananas, 5 grams of mashed cinnamon, 100ml. of yoghurt (containing not more than 2% of fat), some sweetener up to your taste.

Slice bananas and put them into the freezer for an hour or an hour and a half. After that put all the ingredients to a mixer and blend until you get a homogeneous mass. When done, put it into a refrigerator and wait till full freezing.

Mint Ice-cream

Mint Ice-cream

You need the following ingredients: 180 g. of natural yoghurt with a low fat percentage, 100 g. of strawberries, juice of a half of a lemon, five leaves of a fresh mint, one table spoon of honey.

Start from blending strawberries, after this put all the other ingredients and mix it up till you get a homogeneous mush. Take a piece of plate that you like and put it into a refrigerator and wait six hours before you can eat it. This ice cream is a perfect variant to bring some freshness during hot summer days and bring some vitamins to your body.

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