People In This Online Thread Share 25 Things That Are Perceived As Healthy, But Are Actually Not

Published 2 years ago

The collective experience of humans, combined with the advancement of science, are the things that shape what we take into our bodies today. Someone must have fallen ill after eating a pufferfish that we now know which parts to avoid. Also, science spearheaded the advancement of medicine, we could now perform research to find cures for diseases, something we weren’t able to do centuries ago.

However, advancement in knowledge always goes forward. We find our practices in the past to be weird and unhealthy, but there’s a possibility that that’s the way future people would think of ours today. Below, we compiled a list of 20 things that would make the people of the future question our ways of today.

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Image source: Moo2400, Fikri Rasyid

The notion that “natural” automatically means healthier.


Image source: cynicismrising, Faran Raufi

The amount of sugar in food.


Image source: Ipconfigall, Alexandra Nosova

Soda. Humans aren’t supposed to even consume more than a fraction of the sugar in soda and everyone just smiles and drinks their liquid sugar


Image source: willowsonthespot

Chiropractic “adjustment”, it is already something that is negligible in terms of what it does but it can also be dangerous. So many people get injured by it and some even get paralyzed because of it.


Image source: kaozennrk, Pixabay

Children going to class and sitting in school all day 5 days a week for 12 years.


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Image source: anon, Valeria Boltneva

Eating meat at every meal.


Image source: aliensporebomb, Peter Bond

“Low fat” products which predominantly were filled with high fructose corn syrup (high sugar diets) and other things that lead to metabolic syndrome (partially hydrogenated oils). Some have recognized the dangers in this already but in 40 years maybe we’ll see people look back and go “they made all of this money at the expense of ordinary citizens health”.


Image source: VietQuads, Solen Feyissa

Very short video formats (TikTok, Instagram stories, YouTube shorts) and their impact on our attention span


Image source: rachsmith, cottonbro

The amount of our lives we share with strangers online thinking we’re anonymous


Image source: palpitatingspnach54, Karolina Grabowska

Slimming drinks and supplements


K cups. The inventor of K cups already laments what his invention has wrought. He’s talked about how they’re not recyclable, expensive, and not good quality coffee.

Source: originalchaosinabox


Image source: wilcocola, Alexander Mils

Juice cleanses. They are unhealthy and dangerous.


Image source: LeoMarius, Alexander Simonsen

Not vaccinating your children. Where the hell did this trend come from? It’s so dangerous and re-inviting deadly diseases like measles back into our society.


Image source: Pauljustblogs, Michael Morse

Indoctrinating children to religion before they’re old enough to use abstract reasoning and decide for themselves


Image source: Thorhees, Renz Macorol

Vaping instead of smoking. You’re still filling your lungs with stuff that shouldn’t be there in the end. Looks like more research is coming out about the risks too. It’s not as bad as smoking, but it’s got its own issues. It’s fine if you’re using vapes and e-cigs to quit smoking, but it’s gone beyond that for quite some time now. Many people just exchanged one habit for the other.


Meat in general, but particularly processed, smoked and grilled meats. I think in 10-20 years most people in the US will be cutting meat consumption by double-digit percentages due to cost. Health studies show our need for protein is much better fulfilled with a combination of (1) smaller servings of meat than is now common and (2) non-meat protein sources. Meat will still be part of our diet, it’s the preparation and quantity that people in the future will find incredible. Processed meats, smoked meats, and grilled meats have compounds on the surface shown to cause cancer.

Mind you, I find this depressing because I eat all these things. Too late for me though, you all save yourselves and I’ll take the hit along with your bacon.

Source: KyleCoyle67


Image source: Marley9391, Rifqi Ali Ridho

The hustle culture. Not everything you do needs to make money. You should be able to have hobbies that stay just that: hobbies.


Image source: AriesAsF, George Becker

Cooking things in plastic, eating and drinking things out of plastic.


Image source: rosenditocabron, Towfiqu barbhuiya

A part of “fat acceptance.” While, of course, everyone deserves respect, regardless of size, the idea that being very overweight is a healthful lifestyle, is just wrong. Sure, most of the bodily harm of obesity won’t catch up to you, until later in life. But it WILL catch up to you. I’ve been overweight most of my life. While I’m generally healthy, my knees have paid the price, of supporting the extra poundage. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll escape the bodily harm of long term obesity.


Botox and lip injections.

Source: T1koT1ko


Image source: NutWrench, Danilo Capece

The child-like worship of billionaires.


Advertisement for gambling (most forms of gambling and most forms of advertisement). We already know they’re unhealthy when people affected by it becomes gambling addicts, but people still think gambling addicts is not a big enough problem and that the current level is just a healthy amount of entertainment. But I think the current level is already too much.

Source: CrouchonaHammock


Image source: Unusual-Balance-1736, Ketut Subiyanto

Exposing your children all over social media.


Image source: intagliopitts, CRYSTALWEED cannabis

Essential Oils. Lots of silly pseudoscience. And it’s probably pretty unhealthy to breath in aerosolized droplets of oil.

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