20 Screenshots From Kids Who’ve Had Enough From Their Helicopter Parents

Published 1 year ago

Recently, parents are becoming increasingly protective and involved in their children’s lives, and a new phenomenon has emerged — helicopter parenting. Helicopter parents hover over their children, constantly monitoring their activities and making decisions on their behalf. While their intentions may be well-meaning, it can often lead to frustration and resentment from their children.

Today, we have collected some screenshots that provide a glimpse into the lives of kids who’ve had enough from their helicopter parents, shedding light on the consequences of excessive parental control.

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#1 Should’ve Stayed At Home

Image source: julielielie_chr

#2 Found This On Ig. Poor Kid

Image source: emdz67

#3 An Insane Mom

Image source: leasors

#4 Had To Repost Because Of Identifying Information. Anyways It’s Still A Repost

Image source: Joesphy-Stalino

#5 Insane Parents Inadvertently Teaching Skills (Sorry If This Is A Repost/Doesn’t Belong Here)

Image source: Fizzy_Bits

#6 Never Thought My Mom Was That Insane But I Guess Jesus Is Anti-Metal Straw. Sorry If It Doesn’t Seem Serious, I Can’t Take Anything Seriously

Image source: aGamingAsian

#7 On A Post About Another Parent Selling Her Kid’s TV Because She “Can’t Act Right”

Image source: licknipssucktips

#8 I’m A Turkey Because I Don’t Want To Download An App So My Mom Can Track Me

Image source: B1narypwny

#9 Insane Parents Destroy Their Child’s Art Tablet For… Not Getting Up On Time

Image source: Desuka15

#10 I Wonder Why The Kid Likes Travelling More Than His Dad Than Spending Time With His Mother

Image source: TSpain21

#11 This Guy Is 20 And In University

Image source: reddit.com

#12 And Boomers Wonder Why Their Kids Don’t Like Them

Image source: Avarickan

#13 A Friend Of Mine Who’s 27 Years Old

Image source: kevvyjames

#14 My Friend Hasn’t Spoken To His Mother In Months. She Finds Out He’s Living With His Girlfriend. He Also Shares Some Exciting News

Image source: coolshadesbro17

#15 Dumped For Having Red Hair

Image source: lol62056

#16 Found On Tiktok (This Was Not Posted In A Joking Way)

Image source: slowbutsomehow

#17 Context: This Was On A Video Of Her Saying Roblox Is “Extremely Damaging”

Image source: Alone-Percentage-294

#18 Guilt Tripping Me For Not Being Able To Spend $130 On A Mother’s Day Gift

Image source: ThisImagination

#19 I’ve Been At College For One Day. He Dropped Me Off Yesterday. It’s Orientation Week

Image source: Hamilfan16

#20 Going Through Old Texts And Found These Gems

Image source: _asphodel14

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