25 Cringe Things Only High Schoolers Think Are Cool

Published 1 month ago

As we grow and mature, our perspectives on various things tend to shift, from our taste in food to our preferences in entertainment and even our perceptions of people. One common aspect that undergoes this transformation is how we see others, particularly as we progress through different stages of life.

For instance, as children, adults in their twenties might seem like they have everything figured out. In our teenage years, someone in their mid-thirties might appear quite old, and as high school freshmen, seniors often exude an aura of coolness that fades as we get older.

Recently, members of the ‘Ask Reddit‘ community engaged in a discussion prompted by a user who asked what things high schoolers find cool but are actually cringe-worthy. Responses flooded in, with some even humorously suggesting that high schoolers themselves might fall into this category. This conversation sheds light on the shifts in perspective that occur as people transition away from the awkwardness of their high school years.

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#1 Driving like an idiot/ having a loud car.

Image source: rebam92, Adam Dubec / Pexels

#2 Calling Millenials/any older generation cringe. They’re also going to get old and seem cringe to the kids one day. It’s the cycle of life.

Image source: frutilla96, Monstera Production / Pexels

#3 “It’s just a prank bro” no, you’re being an a*****e.

Image source: bzaroworld, RDNE Stock project / Pexels

#4 Telling people how mature you are.

Image source: pineapplewin, Julia M Cameron / Pexels

#5 Being d***s to the teacher who just tries to do hisher job.

Image source: Greedy-Ad-189, Max Fischer / Pexels

#6 Discussing sex loudly with the purpose of having random strangers hear it as if that somehow is a sign of maturity.

Image source: TheFrailContents, kat wilcox / Pexels

#7 Teens who think they know about anything in this world. I know it’s a phase we all went through but it’s very cringe listening to a kid lecture you on stuff theve never stopped to think about or arnt even capible of thinking about.

Image source: Yeti1987, Max Fischer / Pexels

#8 Blasting loud music in busses and public places.

Image source: AceOC, SCREEN POST / Pexels

#9 Pretending to have some type of disorder, like that makes them special. Like some how everyone has multiple personalities now, one of the rarest disorders of its kind and everyone and their cousin suffers from it.

Image source: Top-Sprinkles6929

#10 Filming instead of helping.

Image source: J_Beyonder

#11 Vaping.

Image source: anon, Ruslan Alekso / Pexels

#12 Worrying what other people think. The concept of “cool” in the first place.

Image source: Objective-Ad5620, cottonbro studio / Pexels

My brother and I (in our early 30s) were watching a group of teenagers trying so hard to put on this cool, unemotional facade at Disneyland while everyone else around them just enjoyed themselves and we were laughing to ourselves that teenagers are so afraid of displaying emotion or passion and nobody else cares. But we all went through it, and we all reach the realization that it’s more fun to just enjoy ourselves.

#13 Hickeys or so I’ve been told. I actually have no issue with them just so long as they’re hidden.

Image source: MiaLedger, t788ta

#14 Making fun of people. Like you’re not funny, you’re annoying and childish.

Image source: PinkMoneyy_, Mikhail Nilov / Pexels

#15 Saying ‘hashtag’ in a spoken sentence, and not ironically.

Image source: StackerPentecost, Walls.io / Pexels

#16 Being rude to teachers. Every person who I know who was rebellious in school cringes hard when they think about the s**t they said to teachers.

Image source: WowThisIsAwkward_, Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels

#17 Tiktok.

Image source: minisrugbycoach, cottonbro studio / Pexels

#18 I wouldn’t say that this applies to the majority, but it does apply to a pretty decent amount at my school: saying slurs and barking at people they find weird (they really think it’s peak comedy).

Image source: BazongleMyDongle, Katerina Holmes / Pexels

#19 Doing things to gain other peoples approval.. Seriously, when you grow up and stop giving a f**k about other peoples opinions, life is so much better.

Image source: EndlesslyUnfinished, cottonbro studio / Pexels

#20 Being ‘edgy’ and ‘offensive’ just for the sake of it. Yeah, we get it. You think that mocking dead people or posting racist/sexist stuff on social media makes you a tough edgelord not to be f****d with. No, it just makes you look like a complete tryhard.

Image source: AlysonMazzoni

#21 Being loud and obnoxious everywhere they go. Like dude no one thinks you’re or your friends are cool over there yelling penis and moaning cause you think it’s funny.

Image source: Activ_RefRigeRatoR, cottonbro studio / Pexels

#22 That one like, tikok haircut that guys get where they have like, no hair on the sides and then too much hair on top. No shade it’s just douchey.

Image source: Ifoughtgodbehind711, 12fa1jc

#23 Gossip at someone else’s expense.

Image source: haagendaz420, Keira Burton / Pexels

#24 Older you get the more you realize the one truly cool thing is the air conditioner.

Image source: k4Anarky

#25 The lifestyle of being “young and reckless”.

Image source: Various-Smell-1657, Pixabay / Pexels

Having an addiction to d***s is not cool.
Being in codependent relationships is not cool.
Having sex in bathroom stalls and on a couch stored behind the theater stage is not cool.
Its just gross.
Skipping class is not cool.
I don’t even know why people skipped classes at my high school. There was literally nothing to do but loiter in a bathroom.

Just enjoy your time not paying bills and be as self-centered for as long as you can.

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