25 People Share The Most Messed Up Dramas That Unfolded In Their High Schools

Published 2 months ago

Even though many of us don’t necessarily reminisce fondly about our school days, it remains a popular backdrop in various forms of media. Teen drama seems to have a universal appeal, but reality often surpasses fiction in terms of intrigue.

A curious individual posed the question, “What’s the most messed up drama that unfolded in your high school?” prompting people to share their most captivating stories from the past. From monumental scandals to pranks that spiralled out of control, settle in and prepare for some entertaining tales.

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Image source: investinlove, Orhan Pergel

Genius dude, who is now a CalTech prof, was bullied mercilessly by a bunch of jocks, and the leader was a spoiled kid with a Porsche 928–this was 1985. A rumor started that someone f****d with this guy’s car and as days went by it was clear that it was so bad the car was totaled, but not a lot of folks knew what happened. I was pretty good friends with this kid, Rob, was always nice to him and his brain (both parents worked at NASA JPL) fascinated me. Turns out Rob had managed to break into the guy’s car at night at his house with a slimjim and left something tucked under the driver’s seat. It was a tightly sealed Quart Ball Jar with a dead rat, 4″ of hydrogen peroxide and 3″ of water. The chemical putrefied the dead rat into a horrific stank liquid, and it also intensified the aroma produced, as Rob said, “By an order of magnitude.” Rob said that anyone within 20′ would puke uncontrollably, and the smell would persist YEARS. I think I’m the only one who knows why, a few days later, the jar exploded all over the car and the smell was so bad that they had to junk the car for parts. Pretty sure the kid got another Porsche from daddy–but the fact that Rob destroyed an entire Porsche and humiliated this dips**t for less than $5 is still legendary in my mind. I kept the secret until almost 20 years later.


Image source: Justforargumesnts, Element5 Digital

A girl in my year level (who was a habitual liar) told everyone she had cancer. For a few weeks everyone was giving her sympathy until her twin sister in the same year level (obvi) was asked how she was doing with the recent news. She was totally shocked and blatantly said that her sister doesn’t have cancer.


Image source: Blitz6969, Pixabay

One of the science teachers, Mr Greene, would confiscate phones if he saw you using them in class. This was back in the flip phone days, so easy to look through. He was sending himself nudes the girls had taken of themselves and he forgot to delete the text history on one of them. Girl told the parents, parents told the school, after a search of his phone and computer found dozens of naked girls, he was fired, we never heard what happened to him.

Also, my 6th grade health teacher was also a gym teacher and always wore gym shorts. His nickname was Mr Boner, he always gave us the creeps. My senior year, he was arrested at the mall when he was with a student at Victoria’s Secret buying her underwear, she was 14. Brenton Unferth, scumbag.


Image source: Any-Introduction5300, Raja Tilkian

Volleyball coach/math teacher “resigned” for kissing a sophomore on the team. They then went on to have a public relationship. His family obviously supported it because she was in their Thanksgiving dinner photos on Facebook.


Short Version:

Last overnight trip in high school ever, I didn’t go cause I was in hospital. Found out from my friend someone had spiked the hot chocolate when everyone was together around a campfire. Didn’t hit anyone hard until later that night, from what I’m told there was things from existential crisis about life to sobbing about hair. The next day it took everyone there 4 hours to get up cause they were so hungover.

So I’m glad I stayed home.

Image source: GracedApollo

#6 I went to a Catholic high school. The priest on the faculty got a girl pregnant, then paid to get it terminated (and the Bishop paid off the girl’s family to keep it quiet). The Pennsylvania grand jury exposed it 20 years later.

Image source: razeronion, Romain Dancre

#7 When I was in 11th grade a dude brought in a bunch of brownies and cupcakes and s**t like that. They were weed edibles. A bunch of students and teachers got surprise high. They back tracked it to the dude and he got in big time trouble. It was on the news and everything.

Image source: TheRegular-Throwaway, Craig Dennis

#8 After Christmas break of my Junior year in high school, our choir’s accompanist was outed as a groomer and p*******e. The worst part was, because he had a voice comparable to Herbert on Family Guy, we had all made jokes about it for years. We, uh…didn’t laugh much about it after the reveal.

Image source: SquidBoiTheSlothGod, cottonbro studio

#9 One of my classmates f****d the band teacher, and when his mom came into his room, he just told his mom to leave, shut the door, and went back to f*****g the teacher. At least that’s the story that was told about why he was expelled and she was fired.

Image source: GasStationBlues1312, Ramazan Karaoglanoglu

#10 One of the popular kids stole his girlfriend’s dad’s car while they were drunk. Wrapped it around a pole, she ended up dead, he got off with basically a slap on the wrist. Community service and probation, mommy and daddy had enough money to pay a really good lawyer. He didn’t seem fazed by it, didn’t really even seem sorry. Just had excuses as to why it shouldn’t mean larger consequences for him.

Image source: Lord_Ragnok, Clark Van Der Beken


Image source: i_dislike_cheese, Pixabay

Not “drama” per se but we had a kid drown during gym class. He couldn’t swim so the teacher had him swim laps in the shallow end with a kickboard while the rest of the class played water polo. Fast forward and halfway through the polo match someone noticed the kid wasn’t swimming laps next us. A student got out of the pool and looked and saw him at the bottom
of the deep end. The teacher dove down and pulled him up and started CPR but it was too late. I’ll never forget it, very traumatizing for any person and such a heartbreak for the kids family that lost him.


Image source: MarisSonantis, Pixabay

Supposedly, our principal was caught screwing a teacher at the school, during school hours. His wife was also a teacher at the school and his daughter was a student. When the county school board held a meeting to address the situation, the teacher he’d been sleeping with during the previous school year (still not his wife) got in a fight with the new mistress.

That’s just one of many stories, our school was a cesspool of drama from the employees rather than the students.

#13 The physics teacher left our school and went to another school where he then became the girls soccer coach and the cheerleading coach. I saw him on Fox 31 news a year after I graduated because he had slept with one of the 14-year-old students and ended up prison.

Image source: make-me-breakout, RDNE Stock project

#14 Two guys at my HS brought guns to school. They were caught before they could take action. Kids usually have sex in the bathroom. There are fights every 2-3 days. Lastly, Hannah left Brett on read

Image source: Large_monke_69, Luis Quintero

#15 Two brothers, one a sophomore, one a senior, drag raced each other one weekend; one lost control and died. The sophomore returned

Image source: Ok-Lavishness-7904, eloy carrasco

#16 A girl in my school was sent to an active war zone by her extremely conservative parents at the ripe age of 14 to get married to a 40 year old man… so probably that…

Image source: gnpking, Craig Adderley


Image source: WellFactually, Pixabay

A guy and a girl (both in ninth grade from what I can remember) decided to throw down and have sex with each other in a classroom in front of the entirety of the class. The teacher was out of the room — it was chaos. People yelling, some encouraging them, and others objecting. The teacher came back, and some of the students actively held the door to prevent her from interrupting. The cops got involved — it was all over the news, and the school shut down for, like, three days.


Image source: Pogue_Ma_Hoon, Lukasz Szmigiel

One of the girls in the junior high a couple of years below me was abducted. The whole community turned out to help in the search of the woods behind the girl’s house. Kids from our school could volunteer as well so a lot did just that. One of the people who was helping in the search was her next door neighbor and, as it turns out, m******r. Pretty chilling to think a bunch of kids were side by side with the man who had k****d one of us.


Image source: IllChampionship5, Pixabay

My Junior year the drama department did Peter Pan for their big play. But the lead dropped out the week before the first show and the understudy got really sick. They switched a bunch of roles around and it seemed like nobody knew what they were doing. To top it off the tech crew was a bunch of stoners that were high on opening night. It was a real disaster. Some of the worst high school drama ever.


Image source: Timely-Somewhere8160, Kindel Media

Our school hired (unknowingly) hired a janitor who turned out to be a wanted criminal and a capital m******r. He was wanted in Tx n moved way up north either to escape or start fresh. He was working at the high school for sometime before something happened where he ended up getting caught n arrested.


Image source: thecountnotthesaint, KATRIN BOLOVTSOVA

Teacher f****d a student. School got caught trying to brow beat the student to keep things quiet. They failed to remember that the kid’s mom was a lawyer who had mama bear on steroids instincts. And they lost hard. Last I heard that kid owned a few houses that he still rents because of the payout/ time the school tried to drag it out.

#22 Eleventh grade girl became pregnant by eighth grade boy. He later caught her sleeping with his tenth grade brother. Both situations were hot gossip when they happened but impressively, there was less drama than you would expect.

Image source: igloo1234, cottonbro studio


Image source: _the_wrong_guy_, https://unsplash.com/photos/two-men-diving-on-floor-TxxSLvOvfCk

A guy on the wrestling team was also a drug dealer. He had a bag of double-bubble gum with each piece dipped in acid and re-wrapped. He kept his stash in a gym locker. Somehow, a couple freshmen found it and proceeded to pass it out. They ended up giving most of it to the freshman cheerleading team before their afternoon practice. The cheerleaders had no idea they were baking and let’s just that everyone freaked out. It was carried by multiple local news outlets that night. Never saw the guy again. This was 1995.

#24 Gym teacher (who was engaged to a woman) f****d multiple students, got fired & was arrested. For a senior prank, some students got a copy of his save the date, made a bunch of copies & brought them to school.

Image source: 1sadfry, Fulvio Ambrosanio

#25 Catholic school. One of the Monks (who were also teachers) left the brotherhood and shacked up with a divorcee Religious Education teacher.

Image source: SeaWeasil, Pixabay

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