30 Funny Boyfriends And Husbands Who Decided To Keep The Entertainment Alive In Their Relationship

Published 3 years ago

It’s easy to come up with one-liners and cute pranks at the beginning of a relationship. However, maintaining that ‘fun factor’ is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many relationships get boring after a while. But today we’ll talk about those people who manage to keep that spark alive.

A few days ago, International Men’s Day was observed all over the world. We often forget to praise the role of positive male figures in our life. The efforts that some men put in to keep their partners happy are truly beautiful and must be appreciated. Scroll below to find out how some boyfriends and husbands made sure that their relationships never got boring. And if you wish to see more such interesting stuff, check out our previous posts here and here.

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#1 Husband Got A Label Maker

Image source: BryttaBee

#2 Not Sure Why My Husband Bought Me This Book

Image source: petunia-pineapple

#3 This Is Adorable

Image source: alystockton

#4 Wife Said She Wanted A Small Coffee Table

Image source: jcmatthews66

#5 My Wife And I Graduated From Med School Today

Image source: Neuromancy_

#6 Today Is A Big Day For My Husband

Image source: dennis1798

#7 Our Baby Announcement Photo. My Wife Looked So Obnoxiously Thin 24 Hours After Delivery That I Joked I Looked Like The One Who Had Just Delivered. So We Decided To Swap

Image source: tyleryoungblood

#8 Being Cooped Up Has Us All Crazy

Image source: hamstertalk

#9 I Annoy My Wife By Doing This Every Time She Posts A Landscape Photo

Image source: riceisright56

#10 When Your Husband Finds Your Hairbrush

Image source: igorandmaddy

#11 That One Time We Met Jason Momoa And My Husband Came Up With This Great Idea. Two Years Later And I Haven’t Washed My Hair

Image source: PickleBurp13

#12 My Friend Finished Wrapping His Wife’s Presents. Left One A Perfume, Right One A Sweater

Image source: mowa111

#13 What My Husband Sends Me While I’m At Work

Image source: larebear2

#14 I Went Outside To Pick My Wife A Rose. I Think I Found The Perfect One

Image source: razor10000

#15 Made Some Labels For My Wife’s Contact Lenses

Image source: dwkeith

#16 My Boyfriend Is A Seller On Amazon. This Is What I Came Home To

Image source: ThingsWeSasy

#17 My Fiancé And I Had Our Ultrasound On 5/5 But Because Of The Quarantine We Couldn’t Celebrate. So I Made This. She Did Not Find It As Humorous As I Did

Image source: Kostrom

#18 When My Wife Talks About Having Another Baby, I Like To Remind Her How Painful Breastfeeding Was. Works Everytime

Image source: EverettTokio

#19 The House Was Way Too Quiet Yesterday While The Foster Kittens Were Out Having Playtime And My Boyfriend Was Supposed To Be Watching Them

Image source: mishalaluna

#20 A Year Ago I Started Sending My GF These Photos Whenever She Asked If The Baby Was Ok

Image source: BitwiseShift

#21 God Speed. I’m Counting On You

Image source: ruffmuff

#22 On The Left Is The Photo I Posted Of My Boyfriend And I, On The Right Is His Response

Image source: Zeehammer

#23 Looking Through My Husband’s Military Coins And Found This Gem

Image source: Fancy-Satisfaction-1

#24 My Father Took The Time To Do This To My Mother Ladies And Gentlemen

Image source: hornyobama123

#25 Trying To Lure My Wife To Come Hang Out

Image source: dpu80

#26 My Wife Can’t Stand It When I Do This

Image source: guysir

#27 My Wife Has Had This Photo Frame Hanging On The Wall For Too Long Without Any Pictures In It. I Did This While Wife Slept. I’ll Let You Know Tomorrow If I’m Still Married

Image source: baritone39355

#28 My Husband Had A Baseball Display Case Customized For Our Dog’s Foreign Body Removal

Image source: Fryeer

#29 I Told My Husband I Just Wanted Some “Crappy Earrings” For Christmas. He Delivered

Image source: freehorse

#30 My Wife And I Decided To Mess With Our Contractor

Image source: MoridinXP

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