20 Hilariously Honest Marriage Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Married Life (New Posts)

Published 2 years ago

While some opt to secure their union with a ring, others don’t believe in marriage. And that’s perfectly okay. Whether the couple has tied the knot or not, being in a relationship with someone is a long-term commitment and responsibility. Even when you don’t see eye to eye on something, you support each other. And when the routine gets a little tedious, you always have someone by your side to giggle with at a silly cat video. Or perhaps laugh at the antics they pulled.

Did you know that it was scientifically proven that sharing giggles with a special someone keeps the lovey-dovey feelings going? It appears that many couples already knew this secret to a happy relationship, as loads have tweeted the funniest situations they endure in marriage. And judging by the likes and reactions, many hubbies and wifeys seem to relate. Now go ahead and look at the selection of the hilarious tweets that perfectly sum up wedded life. Is there something you would add to the list?

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