30 Controversial Takes on Parenting, Shared On An X Thread

Published 6 months ago

Though everyone is just generally muddling along and doing the best that they can when it comes to parenting, there’s a lot of current debate on the correct way to parent. Indeed, people are prone to having different opinions and sometimes even vehemently argue about which methods are in fact right or better. 

Ultimately though, we all want the same thing. To raise healthy, happy and upstanding citizens of society. But in so doing, some folks may have child-raising methods that go against the grain and would raise a few eyebrows along the way. Recently, X user @HonestLeYo sparked an intense discussion online when they asked folks to share their most honest and slightly controversial opinions on the topic of parenting. People were quick to spill the tea and others weighed in with their opinions on this interesting subject too, from which we’ve shared the most popular posts in the gallery below. 

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Kraneia The Dancing Dryad: Mine has decided to change their pronouns. I don’t understand it, but I accept it cos I love them 🙂


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M W: When I was about 15 or so, I knew a girl whose parents had named her Miracle Starburst. She had it legally changed the moment she turned 18.


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Jo Maxwell: Not always. Sometimes parents try to connect with their kids and that kid just goes off the rails.


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Luke Branwen 19 hours ago: Yes. I always say that a big part of the world’s f#ckery stems from the fact that people treat having kids as an obligation even though they’re absolutely unfit for parenting.


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Charles McChristy : That goes for the rate of pay, too! I don’t care that you have 4 kids and cannot pay your bills, especially if you underperform. That does not give you a right to earn more money simply because of this. I’ve had this happen more than once when I found out someone was making as much as me without half of skills, education, and common sense I have. The answer was, “Well, he has a family…” That’s not my problem.


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Luke Branwen: Someone on Tumblr once said that “small children have the full emotional range of an adult person, but no experience to know how to handle them” and it has really changed how I look at kids getting emotional in public.


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GhostlySnail (she/her): Yeah, the be interested part is important


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Tamra: In my personal experience, it’s been the parents who are most religious end up being the ones to more quickly abandon their children at the slightest hint of deviation from their personal ideals.


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Black Cat: This is so important. In fact I’d go as far as to say your child’s safety and security should be your priority until they’re old enough to look after themselves.


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Kraneia The Dancing Dryad: Got yelled at by a parent because I shooed a child out from behind the counter where I worked. I worked at a pizza place at the time.. the pizza oven is 500 degrees. Your child almost took a header into it. *Where were you* and why aren’t you watching your kid?


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Ubedhheij: Yes, why do people do that?


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Agamemnon O’Neill: The number of hockey/football/pageant parents I know with miserable children. Or, “I wanted to be a doctor but didn’t get the opportunity, but you can!” The parents are never satisfied and the kids hate life.


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Ample Aardvark: I think a lot of people want to have babies, and forget they grow into kids and teens and adults!


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M W: I was at my doctor’s office recently and overheard a conversation between a husband and wife about their son. Apparently, the son was having a leg cast removed and the doctor said that he still needed to take it easy for a few more weeks. The husband was angry, and I remember exactly what he said: “There will be scouts at the game and he is playing no matter what the doc says. I haven’t busted my butt coaching him and pushing him since he was five just to miss out on my, I mean his, big chance.” Not sure how old the kid was, probably a teen, but the dad was a clearly a sports star wanna be and was trying to live his dream through his kid. It’s a truly bad parent who is willing to sacrifice the health and safety of their child just so they can feel like a superstar.


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James016: I used to know someone who once she had her first child got on the highest horse you could imagine. She developed a sense of entitlement and superiority “because I’m a mother” Eventually we all went NC and I did hear that when she and her hubby divorced, he got custody.


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Luke Branwen: I also give relationship advice to my friends even though I’m chronically single. It’s about a different perspective.


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rullyman: People love to say this, and I understand their sentiment, but any world that implemented this would be a horrible world. Think about the people in power who get to decide the rules, and think of the people who would be excluded. LGBT people would have parenting rights revoked, disabled people, people from unconventional backgrounds. Imagine if the government could look into your past and see stuff like “oh you did drugs when you were in your early 20s? Well now you’re 33 and haven’t touched them for years, you can’t be a parent. Sorry!”


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rullyman: My parents are wonderful loving people who were really kind and supportive to my older brother and for many years he was an absolute s**t-head. He has matured a bit since settling down, but he’s still obnoxious


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Daniela Lavanza: And only if it works: if kids are told by a teacher how to behave well and the parents tell them otherwise, who do you think they’ll most likely listen to? A guy they see a few hours everyday for less than a year, or their beloved parents they take as their life example? Yes, a good teacher can be a great help but it can’t replace parents who don’t do their job.


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Kare DeterFunny. Mine complain any time I make a big purchase because it diminishes their inheritance. That’s now the joke in the family if I take them out to dinner and pay I promptly thank them for dinner as it came out of their inheritance. So much fun to watch them squirm


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LilliVB: How is this controversial? If you are wrong you should apologize, it doesn’t matter the age or the relation you have with the wronged party.


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Black Cat: If you’re in a home where you ever have to fear for your safety for whatever reason, thats no place for a child.


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Luke Branwen: Isn’t that the expectation and the bare minimum when you become a parent?


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James016: 9 years in and still winging it.


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Dianellian: It’s makes me so sad and angry seeing babies holding a phone when out and about. Literal babies! Disgusting. And then there’s the toddlers. No wonder IQ points have dropped for the first time in over 70 years after ongoing growth. 22 points! That’s massive!

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