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Parents Are Posting Their Most Epic Fails, And It’s Impossible Not To Laugh

Published 2 years ago

Parenting is tough and even the best of us is bound to make mistakes here and there. Only some of us, however, have cameras on hand to capture those moments that often turn out to be hilarious to look back at.

The collection of pictures below is sure to put a smile on your face no matter whether you have children or not. And if you do, maybe it’ll also help you feel a little better about the silly mistakes you might have done in the past… thank God, there were no cameras around!

(h/t boredpanda)

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#1 My Friend Had Her Daughters At A Zoo When She Heard, “Ma’am, There’s A Lemur On Your Baby.”

Image source: Musicats78

#2 “We’re Good Parents I Swear”

Image source: WakaFlockhart

#3 Accidentally Sent My Son To School With His Newly Bought Ugly Christmas Sweater. Didn’t Realize What Santa Was Doing Until His Kindergarten Teacher Pointed It Out When I Picked Him Up After School

Image source: angryhamzter

#4 Calculations Were Incorrect

#5 Nine Hour Flight To Budapest. No Problem. We’re An Experienced Family Of Travellers.

Image source: kristinsday

#6 I Was Spitting Sunflower Seeds Out The Window On The Way Home But I Guess They Found Their Way Back In The Car

Image source: MiaSimper101

#7 Once Upon A Time, I Sent My Daughter And My Husband Off To Buy Her Some Nice New Clothes

Image source: reddit

#8 My Little Brother’s Parenting Experience In A Nutshell

Image source: couchsittingbum

#9 Mixed Up Pajama Day And Picture Day. Son Was Not Pleased

Image source: KillerKenyan

#10 Oh My Gosh We Really Don’t Deserve My Mom. All She Wanted To Do Was Spell Out Love In Our Family Pictures. She Had No Idea

Image source: Sydney King


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