20 Funny “Home Alone” Scenes That Never Disappoint

Published 7 months ago

When Christmas comes around, there’s one movie that we all sit and watch as a family. It’s almost become a worldwide traditional act, ever since we saw this particular movie as kids back in the 90s. We’re talking about the Christmas classic, Home Alone of course, which to this day gives viewers something new to enjoy. 

In fact, according to some of the latest observations of folks who’ve been watching the movie series as adults, there are many brilliant moments that one can enjoy again and again and never seem to get old. So scroll below to check out an appreciation list folks shared online of why this movie will always remain an iconic Christmas must-watch hopefully for generations to come. 

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#1 Daniel Stern’s scream when Kevin puts the tarantula on his face is, for my money, the greatest on-screen scream in the history of cinema and it never fails to crack me up.

Image source: IndyO1975, 20th Century Fox

#2 I also love in the second movie, where Catherine O’Hara and the dad are at the police station explaining it isn’t the first time they’ve lost Kevin, etc. but they also never manage to lose their luggage lolz and they both laugh and knock on the desk/wood. The look on the cop’s face is priceless!

Image source: Jasminewindsong2, 20th Century Fox

#3 I have such a love for the scene towards the beginning as they’re preparing to leave for the airport, and the neighbour kid is asking all the inane questions to the taxi drivers.

Image source: tbusby3, 20th Century Fox

“Did you know the McCallisters are going to France? Do you know if it’s cold there? Do these vans get good gas mileage?”

Destroys me every time to the bafflement of my wife and children

#4 When he gets ready to hit the spider (on the other bandits chest) with a crowbar gets me every time

Image source: WaltDiskey, 20th Century Fox

#5 When Buzz is explaining why he doesn’t care that Kevin got left for “three reasons” and then lists them as reason A, 2, and D

Image source: jloknok, 20th Century Fox


Image source: iamdecal, 20th Century Fox

Why did you take your shoes and socks off?

Why are you dressed like a chicken?

I don’t know know why, but that bit gets me every time


Image source: CecilRuckus, 20th Century Fox

Kevin had the best lines:

Waiter: “Two Scoops, Sir?”

Kevin: “Two? Make it 3, I’m not driving”


Kevin: “No Clothes on anybody. Sickening”

#8 “I wouldn’t let you sleep in my room if you were growing on my a*s.” Just the way Buzz says it, and Kevin’s look of pure shock/terror gave me a chuckle as a kid and still does to this day.

Image source: ExcitedGolem, 20th Century Fox

#9 “I know you’re not the real Santa. I’m old enough to know how this works…. but I also know you work for him.”

Image source: roomandcoke, 20th Century Fox

#10 For me it’s 2 scenes in the second one. When Marv falls down the hole in the house, stands, looks up, and says “Wow, What a hole!” Then when he says “Suck brick kid!” And misses by like 8 feet ?

Image source: Ganu_Minobili, youtube.com

#11 I totally agree with you. Just watched this a couple days ago and rewinded to watch the van scene a couple of times.

Image source: neverendingicecream, 20th Century Fox

Also, at the end “how did you guys get home?” “Oh, we took the morning flight. Remember? The one you didn’t want to wait for.”

And Buzz being shocked that Kevin went grocery shopping then a few moments later, “KEVIN, what did you do to my room?!?!”

#12 I totally understand. My favorite bit in home alone 2 is when Harry reads the newspaper in Central Park and out of the blue he starts whacking away at a pigeon nearby. I crack up every time.

Image source: dirtyearsbill31, 20th Century Fox

#13 I just love kieran culkins grin when kevin hears he may need to share a bed with him. *sips more pepsi

Image source: gogul1980, 20th Century Fox

#14 Agree on the John Candy scene. Also love the first scene with him talking about his polka band…”we’re big in Sheboygan”.

Image source: lake-rat, 20th Century Fox

The other scene that makes me roll every time is the pizza delivery guy/filthy animal scene. The thought of being that guy and hearing, “keep the change, you filthy animal” cracks me up every time!

#15 The funniest part of Home Alone that doesn’t involve Macaulay Culkin or slapstick for me is uncle Frank trying to console Kevin’s mom by saying he forgot his reading glasses.

Image source: gahanofgathol1127, 20th Century Fox


Image source: ketchupmustardrelish, 20th Century Fox

“Kevin go pack your suitcase.”

“Pack… My suitcase???”

The camera zooming in as a 5 year old kid goes wide eyed realizing he doesn’t know how to pack his suitcase is gold.

#17 I always crack up when Kevin’s buying groceries and tells the clerk “It’s for the kids”.

Image source: normanfell, 20th Century Fox

#18 My absolute favorite moment in the movie is when Harry is trying to open the basement door and he keeps slipping on the ice. That scene has made me belly laugh since I was a child.

Image source: 14kanthropologist, 20th Century Fox

#19 I love the part in the second one where Marv says, in a very nasal voice, “That was the sound of a tool chest, falling down the stairs”

Image source: dinoroo, 20th Century Fox

#20 I love when Kevin uses a folk and knife with his Mac & Cheese Dinner.

Image source: smeade1987, 20th Century Fox

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