20 Stills From Woman’s “Welcome To My Horribly Flipped House” Viral Video

Published 1 year ago

Home ownership is all the rage as a sure and fast way to solidify and increase investment. So, when DIY and home design expert, plus TikTok content creator Kaitlin Mattes, @theedelweisshaus bought her new home, only to discover a variety of crazy mistakes she created a series of videos pointing out every little fail. Adding her own humorous twist to it, the series quickly went viral which we’ve shared here and here.

In her defense, she was in another city with the kids while her husband went to the physical location for the actual inspection and she did a virtual tour of the home. Scroll through some of the best descriptions of a bad situation Kaitlin manages to summon up on her arrival and you may want to take notes if you’re planning to buy a new home too considering the flipped house market is currently booming.

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Image credits: theedelweisshaus

Kaitlin moved into a flipped house with her family and quickly realized that the contractors had made a ton of mistakes


Image source: theedelweisshaus

Just a regular old roof and a gutter that butts up to the doorframe. Who even needs to live a mile from the ocean when you could just bring it? Inside your door.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

Maybe the best part is, is that they didn’t tile correctly and the grout is coming out and we’re gonna have to replace these. Well, me. And they are actually moving.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

I don’t mind a pathway to the door. However, putting stones directly on top of grass does us no good. And whoops, looks like you missed a few, you flip-flop. Let alone they’re uneven. Too far, spaced apart, and it’s uncomfortable to walk on. No good.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

Random leakage from the fridge every day.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

Nothing like a good shim job.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

Typically, I like to leave any leftover paint inside of a can. However, these ‘flapping curtains’ decided to leave it on the driveway for us, and my neighbors officially think I’m psycho stabbing at white globs all over the driveway.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

I’m down with a good trim paneling here, that’s all fine and dandy. And actually this wall looks all good, rectangle, rectangle, rectangle, we know our shapes, and then what in the hell did you do here? Two squares. Could we not figure out the measurements to keep it the same?


Image source: theedelweisshaus

There was a wet spot on our ceiling and then all of a sudden, a second one. What in the muffled motorboats are we supposed to do with this nonsense right now? Hurricane’s really pushing it. Yeah. Well, at least we found where the water’s coming from.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

So I was trying to enjoy my coffee in the room across the way here, and I happened to look over at the island and saw this and I thought, wow, that looks really crooked. Maybe I just need more coffee. I just went on to get my level. Let’s measure this together, shall we. Do you see that? How hard is it to make something level? Something called levels. They’re great tools. They help you make things straight, huh?


Image source: theedelweisshaus

Of course, my skinny worm children found where they forgot banisters. Lovely.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

“Worm children” have figured out that these are the butt holes of our stairs and they filled them with Legos and rocks. This morning I found granola mixed in with yesterday’s buggers.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

Entering into our primary bathroom, not only did you do a wonderful job on your tile cutting, we’ve got already water damage on our sheet rock.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

Certainly couldn’t be bothered to put a cover plate on that, you fermented pickle.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

I could see behind the toilet that there was actually wallpaper. You cannot paint over wallpaper.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

We see a normal vanity cabinet. What in the Gray Poupon has this ‘shoe’ done to the cabinet? This is horrific.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

Somewhere down the line, someone’s brain said, “Let me just buy this brand-new vanity. I’ll just cut the cr*p out of it and then we won’t make working drawers because that makes perfect sense.” Brilliant.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

I’m really trying to come in at an angle so you guys can really get an idea of the hill I’m talking about. That’s a straight up toe-stubber. Yep.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

Every single tile in this place is uneven.


Image source: theedelweisshaus

Oh, isn’t that cute now. A support beam for my pipes.

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