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How to Start Off with Your First Jewelry Making Project

Published 5 years ago

Jewelry making can be done as a hobby or even as a business. But to start off you will need the basic idea about jewelry and also some interest to come up with innovative ideas. Once you have your mind set to begin a new exploration into jewelry making, the next step is to get a basic jewelry making kit.

You can find such jewelry kits online easily at very low prices. The advantage of making your own jewellery is that you can get it done in the combination that you want within your budget without breaking your wallet. You can even find fine jewelry collection in varied colors and designs at Myntra and you can get it in your budget by using the myntra coupons which can be found online in various discount plans to suit your need.

Here is some quick and easy ways to make jewelry.

Making a Necklace:

To make a necklace, you will have to know the length required. You can either measure it using a tape or use the standard measurements. For a choker, the length can be approximated to 14 inches, a little lowered one would be 16-18 inches and long ones can be done at 22 to 24 inches. You can use a linen on nylon thread as per one’s liking to bead the jewelry. Before beading the beads into the thread, you can set the beads as per the desired pattern. Then tie a jump ring at one end and begin the threading of the beads process.

Sometimes, you can easily bead in through the thread without using a needle. In case you want to use a needle, then you should be careful to choose one small enough to let through the beads. If you are using small beads, they may not pass through the needle eye. You can even find something called jewelry needle which comes with smaller eye.

Once the beads are done, the next step is to add the bolt ring or the fastening ring. This has to be done very carefully. If they are tied too tightly, the beads might get bunched up and give an uneven look to the necklace. When tied loosely, it will make the beads move about and show off the thread at places.

A little practice will be required to get the perfect tightness. You can optimally use a nail polish varnish coat to keep the final knot intact. This will make it stronger and you can then add the closure finding to the end. To keep the chain strong enough, you can reloop over the last bead and tighten with the knot.

Making a Bracelet:

The same technique can be used for making a bracelet and an elastic nylon twine can be used to get a stretchable band to fit your hand size. Here too measuring can be tricky with elastic band as you do not want your bracelet to feel tight over your wrist.

You can then finish off your jewelry set with the earring by using the headpin to drop in the beads and use wire cutter take off the excess wire. Pliers can be used to round off the end and then attach to a fish hook to have a great looking jewelry set.

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