How to Sweep for Bugs

Published 8 years ago

There can be the hidden cameras and the listening devices on your home office or vehicle. As the modern technology has given a weapon in the hands of your enemies, they can cause a serious damage using your private and confidential information. With a simple understanding you can easily discover them and sweep them. But it is best that if you have any doubt, immediately contact an agency providing services in Counter Surveillance office sweeps, Houston through their high tech equipments and expert professionals.

Of course you are not an expert, but still there is a lot be done on your part before hiring a professional bug sweeping service provider. Such as:

• Keep an eye on the staff members who have the confidential information because they can be easy targets of your competitors, rivals or sometimes the media.

• If you find there is any unrequested or unauthorized visits by the technicians for your telephone, computers, ACs or any other equipments, pay high attention as this can be a trick to plant a bug in your premises.

• Don’t accept the gifts that are received from any unknown source or received under any suspicious circumstances. They may have a hidden visual or audio recording device hidden within them. It is good to get these items checked by a technical surveillance counter measure expert.

• Never avoid any unusual noise such as clicks, pops, volume change or echoes as this can be a sign of installation of listing device within them or nearby them. The other symptom is interference with radio or television as it can be an indicator of the presence of a transmitter nearby.

• The process for bug sweeps cannot be done without physical inspection of the room which cannot be done by your own. The professional Counter Surveillance office sweeps, Houston deeply checks everywhere, including the wall switches, clocks, smoke alarm, outlet pates and everything else. An intruder can fix a bug anywhere, so if there is anything that is seems strange or changed position, pay attention.

• While your business is concerned with the sensitive and confidential information and your clients or alliances are of high profile, you need to perform the technical surveillance counter measure expert sweeps on the regular basis. You are suggested to contact a TSCM expert agency for timely and regular inspection of the premises. It is very essential to secure your business and private life from the information thieves. Detecting and removing the bugs also should be the part of your business operation.

Now, while you are aware of the methods of self surveillance of bugs and the conditions when an expert is essential to contact, the next thing is to determine the interval between the two sweeps for bugs. It is the fact that mainly depends over the type of your business and specific requirement. You need to consider a great deal of related and concerning factors and think about the losses that can occur because of exposure of any confidential and sensitive information to the public, advertisers and competitors. A businessman is suggested to consult with an expert and high tech counter surveillance firm that can evaluate the risks and the potential benefits of the process.

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