Perfect Composition Of Iceberg Dividing Landscape Into 4 Quadrants

Published 8 years ago

Canadian photographer David Burdeny has joined forces with nature itself to teach you something about the composition of your shots.

While visiting Antarctica and Greenland to shoot for his project titled “North/South”, David stumbled upon a remarkable photo opportunity when he was floating past an iceberg dividing the landscape in four perfect quadrants.

He called that moment “Mercators Projection”, which showcases the incredible symmetry that we usually don’t associate with nature, as well as the near perfect blend of colors and textures, all in a single shot.

It was made from a zodiac in the Weddel sea, Antarctica, about 100′ from the base of a tabular iceberg,” Burdeny told PetaPixel. David was using “handheld with a Phase One digital back and body.

More info: website | instagram (h/t: petapixel)

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Antarctica, composition, David Burdeny, iceberg, Mercators Projection, nature photography, quadrant photo, Weddel sea
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