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30+ Controversial Illustrations Portray What Is Wrong With Today’s Society (New Pics)

Published 5 years ago

Marco Melgrati is an Italian freelance illustrator who at the moment lives in Mexico City. He works with magazines based in USA, Italy, and Mexico. His work portrays a different side of reality that we don’t always notice. Even though we live in a world full of opportunities and joy, it’s sometimes healthy to take a look from a different perspective of what is happening in this 21st-century that we live in.

Scroll down to see Marco’s eye-opening illustrations!

More info: Instagram (h/t)

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#1 Shadow Games

Image source: m_melgrati

#2 The Answer

Image source: m_melgrati

#3 Beautiful Life On Social Media

Image source: m_melgrati

#4 The Magic Carpet

Image source: m_melgrati

#5 The Price Isn’t Right

Image source: m_melgrati

#6 Abstract?

Image source: m_melgrati

#7 Very Open Profiles

Image source: m_melgrati

#8 Sexual Harassment And Revelations

Image source: m_melgrati

#9 Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Image source: m_melgrati

#10 Social Media Confessions

Image source: m_melgrati

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