25 Insightful Illustrations Offering A Window Into The World Of Relationships, Mental Health, And Daily Triumphs

Published 7 months ago

Art has a unique ability to encapsulate the complexities of human emotions and experiences, providing a visual narrative that transcends language barriers. Italian illustrator Giulia Rosa stands as a master storyteller, using her craft to offer profound insights into the complex realms of relationships, mental health, and the triumphs found in everyday life.

Let’s explore some of Giulia Rosa’s insightful illustrations that serve as windows into the profound aspects of the human journey.

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Image source: giuliajrosa

Icelandic_Fart (he/him) : “I’m just plain f*****g over”

WindySwede : “Could that s**t just be *over* and just be the second part of the words?”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Icelandic_Fart (he/him) : “What an uncomfortable bed”

Waylon the Wizard (he/him) : “cute image. very real.”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Icelandic_Fart (he/him) : “I don’t do either and then get offended when I’m not well rested or rich.”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Samantha G : “Like I am looking at the mirror with this picture!”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Lyone Fein : “YES”

Trillian : “I can’t be the only person who would feel totally ridiculous to use a filter? I once photoshopped a red pimple out of a picture I needed for a job application and to this day I feel vain for that.”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Some Weirdo : “Lots of people just read the inside flap and call it good xD”


Image source: giuliajrosa

UnamedJelly : “as someone in a situationship its booty.”

Onuh Rita : “People that do this sucks so much, because it hurts and you know what they are doing but sometimes you keep holding on hoping it would be different this time.”


Image source: giuliajrosa

that_gay_snake(he/they) : “i didnt consent to be in here!!!!”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Icelandic_Fart (he/him) : “🥲”


Image source: giuliajrosa

WindySwede : “dine?”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Some Weirdo : “Love the weight varying. Very accurate”


Image source: giuliajrosa

WindySwede : “It’s just a thought don’t believe your brain, its just trying to fool you!”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Gigi : “Run for the hills!!!”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Some Weirdo : “Love the fathers that are like this. Sadly not all are.”

Gigi : “Cheers for the amazing dad’s out there.☺️”


Image source: giuliajrosa

taarna23 : “Well, now I know what to set as a voicemail message…”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Sans Serif : “Like with so many other things, I may have over-watered mine…”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Catman (He/Him) : “I don’t need kids, I just need anxiety and depresson! Yay!”


Image source: giuliajrosa

BookFanatic : “BRB…gotta go hug my cat.”


Image source: giuliajrosa

AnxiT-Rex : “OMG that is literally me when my friends ask to try on my glasses”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Icelandic_Fart (he/him) : “Yeah let me just cut contact with my brain bcus we are in a toxic relationship”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Zophra : “shoot. I’d just put the “cry” on the to-do list.”

Foto Gini : “I’m the exhausted, self sabotaging, I’m fine Workaholic!”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Waylon the Wizard (he/him) : “I do this… but, like, not five or six times… i just never stop making the mistakes :)”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Gigi : “Very relatable”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Pan-cake : “She forgot to turn vertically so the cube broke.”

unicornerrie : “But I fix rubix cubes for a hobby therefore I must be perfect”


Image source: giuliajrosa

Daria : “Because they are only thinking about themselves. Not you.”

Waylon the Wizard (he/him) : “this is exactly what i needed to hear today!!”

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