25 Times Engineers Impressed Us With Their Ability To Blend Design With Scenery

Published 12 months ago

Structures like the Great Pyramids and the Colosseum still impress us with the foresight and skill displayed by the engineers. These days, however, constructing buildings has become a much easier task considering all the assistance technology provides. This is why the challenge for engineers has turned from just erecting something to ensuring that it’s a sustainable endeavour.

If a structure adds beauty to the landscape or enhances it in some way, while being eco-friendly then our admiration is certainly due to the creative genius behind the feat. Today we explore a Reddit thread that celebrates such out-of-the-box thinkers and we’ve shared some of their most awe-inspiring examples in the gallery below. 

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#1 Thought You Would Be Interested In This Skew Bridge In Scotland

Image source: ameowman

#2 Devil’s Bridge – Bulgaria

Image source: rockystl

#3 Wildlife Crossing In Banff National Park, Canada

Image source: zek_997

#4 Kapellbrucke Chapel Bridge – Lucerne, Switzerland

Image source: rockystl

#5 Banff Wildlife Crossing Project, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Combined With Fencing To Keep The Animals Off The Road, The Structures Have Reduced Animal-Vehicle Collisions In The Area By More Than 80%

Image source: morganmonroe81

#6 Heatherwick Rolling Bridge – Paddington Basin, London, England, UK

Image source: rockystl

#7 Čechův Most, Prague

Image source: newjersey1988

#8 Elevated Metro Line Integrated Into Park It Passes Over In Kolkata, India

Image source: Low-Newt-180

#9 Bastei Walking Bridge – Germany – 1851

Image source: rockystl

#10 A Novel High Voltage Electricity Pylon Called ‘Bog Fox’, In Estonia By Part Architects

Image source: r_sole1

#11 Millau Viaduct

Image source: _SP3CT3R

#12 Magdeburg Water Bridge – Magdeburg, Germany

Image source: rockystl

#13 The Falkirk Wheel, A Rotating Boat Lift In Scotland. It Replaces The Original 11 Locks On The Forth And Clyde Canal Junction With The Union Canal

Image source: Stotallytob3r

#14 Dedicated Bus Lanes In The Middle Of The A40 Autobahn In Essen, Germany

Image source: catp2

#15 Storseisundet Bridge – Norway

Image source: rockystl

#16 A Cycle Path That Goes Through A Lake In Bokrijk, Belgium

Image source: Stotallytob3r

#17 A Wall In Ancient Ostia Where The Bricks Were Laid According To The Scheme Called Opus Reticulatum, With Bricks Arranged Diagonally. The Ancient Romans Knew Earthquake Tremors Were Transmitted Diagonally And This Could Cope Better Than A Horizontal Pattern

Image source: Stotallytob3r

#18 Utrecht, The Netherlands: 50 Years Ago, This Canal Was Filled And Converted Into A Highway. Now It Has Finally Been Transformed Back, With Space For Cyclists And Nature As Well

Image source: Redditing-Dutchman

#19 The Ancient Roman Aqueduct In Segovia, Spain – Standing Since The 1st Century

Image source: EssoEssex

#20 Royal Gorge Bridge – Fremont County, Colorado

Image source: rockystl

#21 High Trestle Trail Bridge – Boone County, Iowa

Image source: rockystl

#22 The Bridge Over The Mountain Spring Lake In Romania [oc][1772×1181]

Image source: NudeArtRomania

#23 Someone Recommended That I Post This Denver Lightrail Station Entrance On Here

Image source: RCsSnaps

#24 The Mozes Bridge (Loopgraafbrug) – Fort De Roovere, Halsteren, Netherlands

Image source: rockystl

#25 Road Cut Through Taroko Gorge, Taiwan [oc]

Image source: loki_racer

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