20 Pics That Accurately Show Just How Infuriating Men Can Be Sometimes

Published 1 year ago

It is known that relationships and marriages take patience and work. No matter how much you love your partner there are bound to be some things they do that can grate on your nerves no end. According to our research, women are generally mildly aggravated by their male partners’ negligence in the home or incredibly immature behaviours. 

While these incidents come off as hilarious when it’s a one-off, we imagine some women would likely be driven to more extreme reactions if these actions keep repeating. Scroll below for a series of pics depicting the most hilariously annoying habits of husbands and boyfriends documented by women and for the borderline OCD folks, be forewarned, some of these images might cause some deep discomfort. 

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#1 I Was Looking Forward To Having Mini-Muffins For Breakfast This Morning, And This Is What I Found. He Ate The Top And Left This For Me

Image source: Science_Girl49

#2 I Went Grocery Shopping, And My Husband Put Everything Away. It’s A Blue Box, So It Must Be A Pasta

Image source: HarleenQuinzel0330

#3 I Think My Husband Was Tired This Morning Because That Is The Dog Food And Not Coffee Beans

Image source: CaptnChristiana

#4 I Love My Husband. I Love Cheese. Brian, What The Hell?

Image source: bunkerbash

#5 My Fiance Refuses To Finish A Bottle Of Coke Before Opening Another One

Image source: mthom234

#6 My Husband Keeps Opening New Jars Of Jam Before He Finishes The Other Ones

Image source: badassmamabear

#7 I’m Very Patiently Waiting For My Fiance To Wake Up So I Can Find Out Why There Is A Bite Mark In The Butter

Image source: ravens_revenge

#8 I Asked My Husband To Seal An Envelope For Mailing

Image source: northernCan81

#9 I Asked My Husband To Buy Some Cheap Plastic Drinking Cups So That We Wouldn’t Break Them. This Is What He Bought. And No, We Don’t Have Kids

Image source: ArchieFartsy

#10 My Husband Carries Doughnuts Vertically, And They Become Like This

Image source: ArtisanGerard

#11 My Boyfriend Tried To Wash A Pillow

Image source: splanderson

#12 My Husband Tried To Do The Laundry

Image source: iwillsurvivor

#13 My Husband Somehow Managed To Put His Cup Upside Down When Making Coffee This Morning

Image source: potatoefudge

#14 Pettiness Level 100,000,00. My Husband Was Angry This Morning, So He Decided He Was Only Making His Half Of The Bed

Image source: bearfoxmousemushroom

#15 My Husband Has Been Sticking These Rollers In Places I Can’t Reach To Annoy Me. It’s Working

Image source: Kimmer22

#16 I Asked My Boyfriend To Put Some Toilet Paper In The Bathroom

Image source: pcat77

#17 How My Husband Wrote The Date That He Opened This Orange Juice

Image source: Sleepless_in_MA

#18 I Picked Up A Fancy Cake For My Husband On Our Anniversary

Image source: Long_live_Broctune

#19 My Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband Has Been Taking Advantage Of Local Food Banks “Just Because He Can,” He Says But Ends Up Tossing Much Of It Out Because It Goes Bad

Image source: SpeethImpediment

He (and I) can easily afford to buy food. I can’t tell you how disgusting and wasteful this is.

#20 Instead Of Putting A Bag In The Trash, My Husband Puts It On The Counter For Me

Image source: ThekawaiiO_d

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