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Powerful Phrases In Beautiful Calligraphy By Indonesian Artist

Published 4 years ago

It’s not only what you say, but how you say it, that makes the difference. And Indonesian calligraphy artist Dexa Muamar has found a way to present powerful thoughts in an awesome way.

In his drawing series “Tiny Masterworks” you’ll see a variety of elaborate fonts squeezed into tiny illustrations. “I don’t really feel I have that ‘unique’ style, but I’m in love with script and flourishes since actually I began with copperplate calligraphy at first,” Dexa Muamar told Lettering Guy. “The way the letters connect is something special for me, and I can play with the flourish of course. And for now, I feel more comfortable drawing at small scale. [It’s] usually at 3-4cm in width.

Besides sheer beauty of his calligraphy, he also likes to write short phrases filled with meaning: “I think letters is the way to reveal our thoughts about something that happens around us, like me, I like to [write] quotes [that reflects someone’s] incident/case. I rarely bring motivation quotes, I love the “truest” quotes that have an impact on us. Besides that, making letters kinda been therapy for me, you won’t get the “good letters” in a short time, I love how we strive to pursue it.

More info: instagram | twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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