25 Pics That Perfectly Illustrate The 70s Era, As Shared On This Online Group

Published 7 months ago

The 1970s, often referred to as the “Me Decade,” was a vibrant era marked by cultural shifts, iconic fashion, and a distinctive aesthetic. A Reddit group named “The 70s are Back!” has become a virtual time machine, transporting members to the groovy days of bell-bottoms, disco balls, and cultural revolution.

In this article, we’ll take a visual journey through some captivating images shared on this Reddit group, each capturing the essence of the unforgettable 70s era.

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#1 Smallpox Vaccination Scar ! Who Has One?

Image source: Planet2527

Robin DJW : “I had two, the second because of travel to another continent.”

Kat-Renee Kittel : “I could still see my small pox vaccine scar until a few years ago. I remember that the mechanism used looked like something from outer space to me as a kid like some kind of future device in Star Trek”

#2 Barefoot Gas Pedal, Hurst Shifter, And Boston

Image source: Adventure_tom

Geoffrey Scott : “And half way through a song…kachunck, next track”

#3 Pizza Day Was The Best Day Of The Week In Elementary School In The 70s

Image source: Quick_Presentation11

Daniel Yamada : “Every Friday in elementary school.”

Ozymandias73 : “IDK what it was about this pizza, but it was the best!”

#4 Spencer Gifts ! My Friends And I Would Head Straight To The Poster Rack

Image source: Planet2527

Geoffrey Scott : “We would check out the more “suggestive” gifts”

#5 Members Of A Cult Or A Flower Selling Cartel?

Image source: Gee-Oh1

Chucky Cheezburger : “Wonder how many car accidents happened that day…”

Sue : “Yeah, don’t let any Boomers tell you how we had to worry about a dress code, at least if you were at that sweet spot between old fogies & new fogies starting the the late 70s – early 80’s. Plenty of girls went without bras with tube tops & halter tops. I was “blessed” so I couldn’t do braless. Hated it!”

Jodi : “Love her outfit 😍”

#6 Anybody Remember These Guys?

Image source: mwuttke86

Will Cable : “Many would have died due to parachute failure!”

#7 What Were You Chewing Back In The Day?

Image source: mistermeek67

Kat-Renee Kittel : “Fruit Stripe Gum!! Does anybody remember how to create chains from the chewing gum wrappers? My older brother had a friend who actually used the gum wrapper chains for curtain dividers and he showed me how to make the chains.”

#8 So I Have An Awesome 70s Smoking Room. Tell Me What U Think

Image source: hotpinkoffspring

Hawkmoon : “Farrah Fawcett… I think this picture must have been the best-selling poster in the world at the time. It was everywhere.”

#9 If You Didn’t Take Him Up On The Roof, You Didn’t Truly “Live” The 70s

Image source: The_Patriot

Zaphod : “You had to try and maake him jump the Snake River Canyon!”

#10 If You Know, You Know. This Guy Was Sort Of Like The Steve Irwin Of The ’70s

Image source: Medical-One9202

ॐBoyGanesh : “Marlin Perkins in Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdon.”

Justin Jones : “While I sit safely behind my desk in the studio, Jim is going to jump out from behind a tree, surprising the male rhino, and give it a prostate exam without anesthesia….”

Aspiring Canuck : “In addition to being a good show, they had great opening theme music.”

#11 Early ‘70s / Early 70’s, Cheers

Image source: headsr_llo

Kaedyn Walsh : “I love this. Seriously, I’m so in love with love. Look at them. They both found their Person. <3”

Amy Quinn : “I don’t go for blonds normally but that chap is very handsome!”

SuperChicken : “Even in their 70’s, they still look fantastic! Not to mention, how I love her nail polish. Wishing a very happy, long, loving and healthy life for this couple.”

#12 Who Else Loved Underdog And His Villains?

Image source: Seen2much4now

Kat-Renee Kittel : “Oh where oh where can my Underdog be oh where oh where can he be…”

CrunChewy McSandybutt : “Rudy Juliani was an Underdog villain?”

SuperChicken : “When criminals in this world appear. And break the laws that they should fear…”

#13 I Think These Were Created To Give 70’s Children Nightmares

Image source: touristspleasegoaway

Kalon Suszko : “Sleestacks from Land Of The Lost”

Ozymandias73 : “Ya know they are actually living in the sewers in some cities and just waiting to take over the surface world. /jk”

#14 I Can Smell This Picture- When We Got Bored With Our Cap Guns We Started Bashing The Whole Rolls With A Hammer! Fun Times In The 1970s!

Image source: Quick_Presentation11

James016 : “Had these in the 90s.”

#15 My Dream Car And Bike When I Was 10

Image source: Kidz4Carz

Chucky Cheezburger : “Keep the bike, I want that Boss 302!!”

the two youtz : “Look at that high riser banana seat. Sweet!”

#16 Me And My Little Brother. Halloween – 1973

Image source: dukesinatra

Zaphod : “Everyone wore these flammable plastic suits with cheap masks. You’d go to every house and fill your pillow case with candy on Halloween”

David Beaulieu : “Best part was how they put the face of the character on the smock as well.”

#17 Silly Putty ! Remember Copying The Funny Pages From The News Paper?

Image source: Planet2527

Ruth : “Sundays were best because the comics were in color!”

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “When learning to draw in prison, I ordered a kneaded eraser, as my book suggested. I was surprised to see that it was Silly Putty without the egg.”

Id row : “We weren’t allowed to have that after some got mashed into the rug.”

#18 Lincoln Logs Arrived At The Thrift Store Today. Imagine How Long They’ve Been In Someone’s Closet

Image source: The_Patriot

Captain Kyra : “If those have no plastic pieces, they’re the originals.”

Suck it Trebek : “My dad was a cabinet maker and one year for Christmas he made my brother a huge set that had logs up to two feet in length. We could build huge things with that set. It was so cool.”

#19 Long John Silver’s In The Late 1970s Was Something Special

Image source: Quick_Presentation11

Geoffrey Scott : “Here’s one…Arthur Treacher’s fish and chips.”

#20 Ahhh Always Best In The Tin

Image source: emsym

Kat-Renee Kittel : “ Knife worked too 💕”

Zaphod : “It was always hard to dissolve in cold milk”

#21 I Now Realize Everyone Was Drunk On This Show

Image source: Giveitallyougot714

Kat-Renee Kittel : “😂😂😂 The host Gene Rayburn was also on To Tell The Truth.”

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “I love Match Game. Watching it as an adult, I realized the reason they were always having so much fun. I also understood about Charles Nelson Reilly, which had completely bypassed me as an extremely sheltered child.”

Robert T : “That looks like a US version of the UK gameshow Blankety Blank, which has recently been resuscitated!”

#22 You Are From The 70’s. If You Remember The Soda Machines With The Cup And Crushed Ice Dispenser

Image source: Planet2527

Ozymandias73 : “That was that “good” ice!”

Dorothy Reiser : “What a novelty crushed ice was! Magic.”

#23 I’m Feeling Really Dizzy And My Cheeks Hurt Real Bad

Image source: reddit.com

kissmychakram : “I remember that if you inadvertently got any of this on wooden furniture it would remove any varnish it made contact with.”

Kaedyn Walsh : “Oh gosh, I too can taste this and feel the feeling. Those were so fun though! I forgot all about them. It’s crazy how easy it is to forget to remember”

#24 Moon Boots. If You Lived In A Cold Climate, You Wore Them

Image source: mistermeek67

Mad Dragon : “With bread bags over your feet so your socks did not end up soaking wet if the snow was slushy.”

Ozymandias73 : “Don’t forget to put bread bags over your feet before putting these on!”

#25 Remember When Dairy Queen Was A Takeout Stand? (1970s-80s)

Image source: Quick_Presentation11

James Edwards : “I remember one window for hot stuff and one window for cold stuff.”

Kraneia The Dancing Dryad : “When I was little we’d stop after church and get a dipped cone. One day I started crying because mine was lopsided and “ugly” ( I was 4, ok?!). After that, we called them uglies. I miss going to get an “ugly” with my folks :( 🍦”

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