25 Interesting And Spooky Outfits Celebs Wore For Halloween This Year

Published 7 months ago

Halloween is the one time of year when we get to see our favorite celebrities let their hair down and unleash their creativity through imaginative and often jaw-dropping costumes. This year was no exception, with A-listers from Hollywood and beyond going all out to impress and entertain.

From iconic movie characters to historical figures, pop culture references, and even nods to their own careers, these celebrities brought their A-game to the Halloween costume game. Let’s take a closer look at some of the coolest celebrity costumes from this year’s Halloween festivities.

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#1 Adele As Morticia Addams

Image source: adele

Harley : “I think playing tag in the Addams family would be quite confusing with cousin Itt.”

Lurking Panda : “For a moment there, I was confused about her genderfluid arms.”

Lizz : “Nailed it! Anjelica Houston look-a-like”

#2 Madelaine Petsch As Poison Ivy

Image source: madelame

Roger9er : “Beautiful…and toxic?”

#3 Megan Fox And Mgk As Kill Bill Assassins

Image source: meganfox

David : “It must feel good when you are a director or actor and you make a movie and 20, 30 years later people are still talking about / dressing up as the characters. Kill Bill and Edward Scissorhands were released ages ago.”

#4 Foo Fighters As ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ Characters

Image source: foofighters

Amanda Rose : “I love this!”

sbj : “This is Hilarious! Who’d thought they’d do this”

#5 Lori Harvey As Lara Croft

Image source: loriharvey

Virgil Blue : “She even got those hair strands right. Love the classical Lara outfit. Well done.”

#6 Lili Reinhart As Harley

Image source: lilireinhart

VonBlade : “Proper Harley! You get 10 points immediately for not going Margot Robbie.”

#7 Megan Thee Stallion As Flower From Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland

Image source: theestallion

Richard Wareham : “At last. Someone scary.”

#8 Kelsea Ballerini As Barbie

Image source: kelseaballerini

Dave M : “OMG she is defying SAG/ASTRA.”

#9 Megan Fox And Mgk

Image source: hollywoodlife

Howl’s sleeping castle : “Brilliant. I like this. Should have added an apple”

#10 Tyga As Terrifier’s Art The Clown

Image source: tyga

Madster : “That movie was so extra.”

#11 Saweetie As Edwards Scissorhands

Image source: saweetie

Cat Chat : “I zoomed in, and they’re not, but the shoes look backwards. Just an optical illusion from angles.”

#12 Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos In Day Of The Dead-Inspired Costumes

Image source: kellyripa

Tracy Wallick : “I have always seen people refer to wearing DotD costumes for Halloween as cultural appropriation. Unless they’re dressed for DotD (which, depending which tradition you follow, can overlap Halloween) this seems inappropriate.”

#13 Keke Palmer As The Bride Of Frankenstein

Image source: keke

Bambi : “Looks a lot like Nikki Minaj”

#14 Paris Hilton As Britney Spears

Image source: parishilton

Roger9er : “Looks more like Paris Hilton as…Paris Hilton.”

John Leavitt : “Looks more like flight attendant from Fifth Element.”

#15 Amelia Dimoldenberg As Mr. Bean

Image source: ameliadimz

David : “I had to google her but not bad considering that IRL she doesn’t look like Rowan”

Auntriarch : “Horribly good”

#16 Ed Sheeran As Chucky

Image source: teddysphotos

Karri Berkowitz : “Gingers gotta stick together”

October : “OMG. I should have noticed before how much they look alike”

Christopher Walkies : “That just might be Ed Sheeran’s sexiest look.”

#17 Christina Aguilera As Cher

Image source: xtina

Roger9er : “Looks like her!”

#18 Victoria Justice As Woopie Cushion

Image source: victoriajustice

October : “Now that is creative”

#19 Ice Spice As Betty Boop

Image source: icespice

Sheila Stamey : “Nailed it!”

#20 Jenna Dewan And Steve Kazee As Kim And Edward From Edward Scissorhands

Image source: jennadewan

ShyWahine : “Kim: “Hold me.” Edward: “I can’t.””

#21 Megan Thee Stallion As Greta From ‘Gremlins 2’

Image source: theestallion

Roger9er : “That’s some really nice effort right there.”

#22 Demi Lovato As Snow White

Image source: ddlovato

Howl’s sleeping castle : “Better than the new one”

2WheelTravlr : “I think “sexy ___” costumes are so tacky. Sexy cat, sexy flower, sexy Snow White. Blech.”

Cat Chat : “My cousin made a Facebook post saying F-U to Demi Halloween costume haters. This is the first time I’ve seen it and I agree with my cousin”

#23 Cindy Crawford And Rande Gerber As Sandy And Danny From Grease

Image source: cindycrawford

#24 Natalia Bryant As Black Swan

Image source: nataliabryant

#25 Richard E. Grant And Tom Hiddleston As David Bowie

Image source: RichardEGrant

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