30 Times The Japanese Invented Unique Solutions To Everyday Problems

Published 1 year ago

Japanese culture is built around harmony, order & self-development and they highly respect social interactions. The people of the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, showcase these values with their innovative spark which has seen visitors to the country waxing lyrical on the technological wonders they have witnessed that are both mysterious and fascinating. So, it’s almost a no-brainer that when we see a highly innovative or uber cute design, we immediately think ‘Japan’. Check out a few of their coolest ideas below and let us know which you would like to have in your own country.

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#1 Chiba Urban Monorail In Japan

Image source: yu6101_photo

#2 Night Bus In Japan

Image source: sauntm

#3 Some Grocery Carts In Japan Are Designed To Stack Everything Vertically, And To Cut Down On Aisle Congestion

Image source: tananda7

#4 I Spotted This Bus For Preschool Kids In Nagoya

Image source: AndrewJamesMD

#5 Pikachu-Themed Train In Japan

Image source: jreast.co.jp

#6 Japanese Hospital Food

Image source: JenkinsInJapan

People asked me to post pictures of the food I got during my hospital stay (6 days), so here it is. Only two months after the baby was born. Also, I completely lost my appetite while I was in the hospital and didn’t manage to eat most of the food, which was very upsetting.

#7 This Building In Tokyo With Plants Growing On The Walls

Image source: zOneNzOnly

#8 An Umbrella Sky In Metsa Village, Japan

Image source: wakaponpoco

#9 Flower Field In Hokkaido, Japan

Image source: kyoko1903

#10 City Lights Of Nagano Seen Through The Thick Fog At Night

Image source: onotch.x

#11 Train Station In My Town Has A Line For Visually Impaired People

Image source: Doryael

#12 Hotel In Tokyo Has A Free Smartphone To Use While Being There

Image source: vontoque

#13 Mini Japanese Garden Between Seats On A Train To Kyoto

Image source: firreflly

#14 In Japan, There’s A Privacy Button That Plays Sound In The Background Of The Toilet So That No One Would Hear Your Business

Image source: Natsumi_xy

#15 These Are Refrigerated Lockers To Store Your Groceries. Saw This At The Airport In Hokkaido, Japan

Image source: marukori

#16 Shopping Carts In Japan Have An Umbrella And Cane Holder

Image source: PiqueB

#17 This Kyoto Station Has 12 Floors Of Escalators

Image source: Paganator

#18 Extra Train Seat In Japan

Image source: King_Shami

#19 The Trains In Japan Have “Women Only” Space

Image source: DEEP_SEA_MAX

#20 This Hook-Shaped Restroom Door Handle So You Wouldn’t Need To Use Your Hands

Image source: ezjoz

#21 Shopping Mall Food Court In Japan Offers Napkins To Wipe Tables. After Cleaning, Everyone Unfolds Their Used Napkins And Stacks Them Neatly

Image source: ryo13silvia

#22 Curved Escalator In Japan

Image source: SteveSilva

#23 Speaker Shrine In Japan That You Can Bluetooth Your Own Audio To

Image source: TimmyWeahIsMyDad

#24 3D Coffee Art

Image source: HannahDax

#25 There Was A Sales Car Of KFC Without Any Salesman

Image source: shanghaineko

#26 This Japanese Claw Machine Lets You Win A Cheesecake

Image source: tallcherry

#27 This Bakery In Japan Puts Their Leftover Bread In A Vending Machine To Sell After Hours

Image source: hello297

#28 Taking Historic Architecture Into Account When Adding Vending Machines

Image source: urbex_34

#29 Probably The Most Beautiful Hotel I Have Ever Been Too. Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen, Okawaso, Fukushima

Image source: DaeronOP

#30 Rice Field Art In Japan

Image source: kojiii_photo1201



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