30 Pics Taken 50-100 Years Ago Showing Just How Much Things Changed Over Time

Published 3 years ago

Even though we might not always notice it, time flies by incredibly fast, and it’s only when we look back at our old pictures that we notice just how much things changed. Thankfully, there’s a whole online community that’s entirely dedicated to these old pictures, and it’s absolutely fascinating.

The online community is called The Way We Were and its 529k members regularly share vintage pictures showing what normal everyday life was like back in the day, giving us a unique glimpse at just how much some things changed throughout history. See some of the most interesting pictures taken 50, 100, or even more years ago in the gallery below!

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#1 My Ridiculously Attractive Grandparents Sitting For A Portrait In The Early 1940s

Image source: reddit.com

#2 Cats Blackie & Brownie Catching Squirts Of Milk During Milking At Arch Badertscher’s Dairy Farm In Fresno, California, 1954

Image source: SamoF82M4

#3 My Great-Great-Grandmother Sometime In The 1890s

Image source: hey123456789123

#4 Gay Men Pose For A Photo While Being Detained At A Police Station For Being Homosexuals In Mexico, 1935

Image source: monderigon

#5 Mary Wallace: First Female Bus Driver For Chicago Transit Authority (1974)

Image source: AxlCobainVedder


#6 A Native American Girl Of The Kiowa Tribe, Oklahoma, 1894

Image source: froggysaysno

#7 This 1955 Photo Is One Of Walter Chandoha’s Most Famous Shots. “My Daughter Paula And The Kitten Both ‘Smiled’ For The Camera At The Same Time. …but The Cat’s Not Smiling, He’s Meowing”

Image source: panuchazo

#8 Protesting The High School Dress Code That Banned Slacks For Girls, Brooklyn C.1940

Image source: closecaxton

#9 A Sailor “Meets” His Baby For The First Time After Fourteen Months At Sea, 1940s

Image source: Anyoldcrap

#10 Sisters In Skirts, 1950s

Image source: Str33twise84

#11 Two Pals (1920)

Image source: suzuki_hayabusa

#12 My Mom On Her Wedding Day November 1951

Image source: YCVick


#13 1945: The Day Daddy Came Home. Gunner Hector Murdoch Had Been Gone Over Four Years, Most Of It As A Prisoner Of War In Singapore. His Wife Rosina And Son John Hadn’t Known If He Was Dead Or Alive. He Got Home On His Birthday

Image source: GaGator43

#14 My Great-Grandfather That Was Too Poor To Afford A Suit In Sicily, So He Had To Pose In Front Of A Cardboard Cut-Out, 1930s~

Image source: HappyyItalian

#15 My Grandmother And Mom Circa 1974. My Grandmother Took My Mother To National Parks Over The Course Of A Few Months, Just The Two Of Them

Image source: mghobby68

#16 “Our Michael”, 1938

Image source: ufooooh

#17 Dad Showing Off His Skill To The Surprise Of His Little Daughter In Melbourne, Australia, Ca. 1940s

Image source: TynShouldHaveLived

#18 London’s First Black Police Officer, PC Norwell Roberts, On Point Duty Near Charing Cross Station, 1968

Image source: Manipulatrix

#19 My Parents’ Wedding Photo, Okinawa, 1964

Image source: reed555

#20 My Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Great-Great-Grandfather, And Great-Great-Great Grandmother, Ca 1918

Image source: RckLbstr

#21 Saw This Photo Posted Here.. Noticed I Have The Photo The Grandmother Took That Day. (Bought At An Antique Shop Years Ago In Phx)

Image source: KSD4

#22 My Great Grandmother In The Early 1900’s. Thought She Looked Too Awesome Not To Share

Image source: allerena85


#23 This Is My Grandma Dorothy. She Was A Dress Designer In The 50s Which Always Made This Photo More Funny To Me. She Passed Away Today At Age 89. A Life Well Lived

Image source: crapidrawatwork

#24 My Grandpa (Left) And His Best Friend Willie Hall During The Korean War. Those Smiles Say It All

Image source: lowrider4488

#25 My Mother Made Us Matching Dresses For A Fancy Party Back In 1954

Image source: dittidot

#26 Grandma And Papa In 1937. She Passed Away Today At 100 Years Old

Image source: nosoup4me

#27 This Is Hazel, My Grandmother-In-Law. 1916

Image source: Booboogirl53


#28 Last Picture Of My Great Uncle Kennith, Before He Drowned In The Buffalo River, 1940’s. He Gave His Life Saving My Grandpa

Image source: teenietina182

#29 Me And My Best Friend Rocky Watching TV, 1959

Image source: marbleriver

#30 Caught On The Firescape, 1946

Image source: froggysaysno

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