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30 Interesting Products You Might Have Not Known About But They Definitely Exist

Published 2 months ago

Step right up, curious minds and shopaholics alike! Today, we’re taking a delightful dive into the weird and wonderful world of the “Of Course That’s A Thing” subreddit, where the boundaries of imagination and consumerism merge into an astonishing array of bizarre and interesting products.

From the practical to the downright outlandish, this online community is a treasure trove of eyebrow-raising finds that’ll leave you wondering, “Who on earth came up with that, and why do I kind of want it?” Check out some of their interesting posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Cat Butt Cookie Cutter

Image source: Blonde-Tabby

#2 The Titanic “Door” Pool Float

Image source: Ok-Antelope9334

#3 This Hummingbird Feeding Helmet

Image source: Xander395

#4 The Gift Of Nothing

Image source: toohottooheavy

#5 Bunjesus Is The Only Christus I Want In My House

Image source: 1fsh2fshRdtFshBluFsh

#6 Human Sized Dog Bed

Image source: jlarsen420

#7 Ofcourse ?

Image source: yellowspace

#8 Of Course An Anti Cannibalism Spray Exists For Chickens

Image source: PauloDybala_10

#9 Snickers Seasoning

Image source: NewSessionWen

#10 This Deodorant Scent (Flavour?)

Image source: Gregrodilanti

#11 Custom Earbuds

Image source: villazick

#12 A Machete Wielding Plant Controlled Robot

Image source: SOLE_SIR_VIBER

#13 This Ring Finger Ring

Image source: rjhamm2

#14 Just Straight Guys Having Some Good Clean Fun

Image source: keith2301

#15 Hair Artistry Is Evolving

Image source: m4milly

#16 The Clearly Impossible Puzzle

Image source: ummokaypal

#17 Rubber

Image source: Civil-Toe-4447

#18 It’s Sad That This Sign Was Necessary

Image source: keith2301

#19 Heinz Creates Spoon-Shaped Fries For The Perfect Ketchup Dip

Image source: fishflavoredbeer

#20 Fake ATM Receipts

Image source: aelbaum

#21 Windows Error Playing Cards

Image source: housevil

#22 Hang On A Minute

Image source: Ryanbo84

#23 Planty! No!

Image source: gaytechdadwithson

#24 Wha?!?

Image source: klugenratte

#25 Baby Crocs

Image source: Akidcalledstorm

#26 The Most Amazing Jeff Goldblum Dress In Front Of My Jeff Goldblum Shower Curtain

Image source: imagnepeace4all

#27 Catchup And Meowstard

Image source: toohottooheavy

#28 Best Sandwich

Image source: noOne000Br

#29 Bro Why

Image source: bigboss-arnold

#30 Have You Ever Wanted Paper Towels That Are Reusable? Behold

Image source: damos003

Saumya Ratan

From captivating stories to awe-inspiring creations, Saumya has a knack for unearthing hidden treasures online. A delightful explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming, she loves to share her discoveries with people around the globe.

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