35 Brilliant Examples Of Street Vandalism Done Right

Published 6 months ago

In the vast landscape of online communities, few spaces capture the raw energy and creativity of street art like the subreddit r/Graffiti. This digital hub has become a haven for graffiti enthusiasts, artists, and appreciators alike, offering a virtual gallery that transcends geographical boundaries.

In this article, we delve into the heart of r/Graffiti, curating a list of the most captivating entries that showcase the diverse and dynamic world of street art.

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#1 Amazing Street Art By Smug In Glasgow

Image source: langshot

Michelle Carlson: “The way he uses light in that…amazing”

cerinamroth: “Gorgeous and tender, although robins are quite mean as far as birds go!”

#2 This Street Art Looks Absolutely Insane

Image source: reddit.com

sbj: “Love the ‘reflection’ in the eye”

Rafael: “This is the only instance where I would be happy to know that there’s a surveillance camera hidden on that wall :-)”

#3 Harriet Tubman Mural Painted On The Side Of A Wall

Image source: goodlyearth

Sandy D: “Amazing”

Nicely: “Come with me if you want to live”

#4 @fanakapan Does Some Unreal “Balloon Graff” 3D Realism

Image source: Grovsey

Satan Laughs: “THAT is seriously amazing the way they did the balloons.”

#5 Fox Meets Fox Mural In London (Photo: Matthew Maran)

Image source: earthmoonsun

#6 Street Art In France

Image source: goodlyearth

#7 Vile With Bonus Before Pic

Image source: boriswong

Lem Johnson: “That’s very impressive artwork!”

#8 A Tenniscourt By Jan Is De Man

Image source: Bierrr

Betta Fish: “We’re all gonna be safe, and we’re all gonna have a great time… WHAT IN THE JESUS CHRIST IS THAT-“

glowworm2: “We’re gonna need a bigger tennis court.”

#9 Mural Is Intentionally Painted Upside Down To Reflect Right Side Up On The Water

Image source: reddit.com

ThatCapybara: “Stunning!”

LokisLilButterknife: “Now that is brilliant! I do believe the reflection is Photoshopped to enhance the effect. If you click on the reddit link before the photo, some of the users say that the photo has been digitally enhanced to better demonstrate what the reflection would look like sans all the ripples.”

#10 Really Beautiful And Powerful Staitment

Image source: j3ffr33d0m

Mark: “It takes quite some talent to get the arms to shrink in the proper way with the wall”

#11 Big Paws Kitten Street Art

Image source: RedBanana99

LokisLilButterknife: “Those are some impressive toe beans.”

Sunshine: ” I’d love to see cat-graffiti like this all. over. the city.”

#12 Graffiti In Some Abandoned Building In Europe By Artist Vile

Image source: hashamean

sbj: “I’m really starting to become a fan of Vile”

#13 Impressive Snake Mural On A Staircase

Image source: bsurfn2day

#14 The Big Graffiti On This Factory In Hämeenlinna Finland

Image source: JJnnYY

#15 This Street Art In Berlin

Image source: NoLimits007

#16 Amazing Aches Graffiti Hat Mimic Rgb Displays

Image source: ElCaza89

cerinamroth: “I can’t look at this – my brain hurts. I would hate it if it was painted on the building opposite me!”

#17 Never Been An Art Fan In My Life. This Street Art By Eduardo Kobra Makes Me Emotional

Image source: yoyodomino69

Colt Winkler: “i agree we need to stop”

#18 There Is A Ton Of Work In Eastern Market, Downtown Detroit. This Is One Of My Favorites

Image source: NoemaTheory

BoredPossum: “Incredible!”

#19 Don’t Know Who Or Where, But I Like It

Image source: Bierrr

#20 Just Having A Snooze

Image source: BigPimpin91

#21 That’s Some Pretty Cool Graffiti

Image source: GallowBoob

#22 Some Beautiful Mural Work In Aruba ??

Image source: reddit.com

Kaye: “Iguanas are cool.”

#23 Street Art By L7matrix

Image source: Tosscraft

UndertaleLover (She/Her): “So colorful!”

#24 Beautiful Street Art

Image source: Phlogistoned

Sunshine: “80’s lady with big hair. Looks like me when I was 15!”

#25 Denver Has Some Pretty Cool Murals And Street Art

Image source: Jaydischord74

#26 Abandoned Ddr Hospital Near Berlin, Germany

Image source: yoschii97

Blue Bunny of Happiness: “Can we get this in the UK too, please?”

#27 I Just Finished This Mural!

Image source: mnhaverland

#28 This Skeleton Graffiti Is Stunning

Image source: Guatonomo

sbj: “This would freak me out if I walked past at night”

#29 An Artist Surprised A Man With A Mural Where He Loves To Sit

Image source: slob-on-mi-knob

#30 Norway Street Art

Image source: dittidot

LokisLilButterknife: “I love this! It is one of my dreams to see the aurora borealis. I lived pretty far north in Scotland and never saw it. I did have the luck of really long and gorgeous summer nights though where the sun just never seemed to set.”

#31 Some Impressive Pieces By Pichiavo (Duo Of Artists From Valencia, Spain)

Image source: The–Weasel

#32 Praying Mantis (Artist: Odeith, Portugal)

Image source: The–Weasel

#33 Cool Street Art

Image source: Phlogistoned

#34 I Painted This 3D Street Art Today At A Festival

Image source: PunchyMcSkeletor

#35 Somewhere In Czech Republic

Image source: reddit.com

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