30 Times Interior Designers Seriously Messed up Working With Public Places

Published 2 years ago

Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes you just wonder, who in their right mind thought it was right? Well, someone did, and now we have something hilarious to look at. Turns out we don’t need a Designer degree to judge someone else’s work.

Take a look at some of the most questionable design ideas we were able to find. Some of them are simply stupid human errors, and the others actually make you want to question the entire humankind and Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution.

From staircase going nowhere to reflective ceiling in the public bathroom. There’s plenty to judge. Scroll down below and take a look at our selection of worst interior design fails.

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#1 Public Restrooms With Reflective Surfaces

Image source: Inazumaryoku

#2 I Don’t Know Why Brown Strings Is A Welcoming Wallpaper To This Toilet Entrance. It Just Feels Gross And Unwelcoming. I Mean, This Is A Public Place

Image source: Ashflied_Nullmatter

#3 The Paint In This Public Restroom

Image source: Xuhale

#4 At First Glance, I Didn’t Recognize This Restaurant Mural As The Sun

Image source: SunBlue

#5 This Is Russia

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Image source: mr-otta

#7 New Toilets At Work, Wonderful View On Our Interior Courtyard

Image source: StrikingMasterpiece

#8 Two Windows Of My Workplace Are Constantly Fighting For The Honor Of Being The One Who Is Going To Be Opened

Image source: ILikeCheeseSandwich

#9 Ballroom Where Everyone Downstairs Can See Up Your Skirt

Image source: crudolph0828

#10 This Painting Inside A Local “Fancy” Restaurant

Image source: hotdogfinatic

#11 As If Public Toilets Didn’t Give Me Enough Anxiety

Image source: Jonwyattearp

#12 This Fancy Staircase Leads Directly Into A Wall

Image source: TacticalToots

#13 I Love Eating At Restaurant Logo Here

Image source: vaguevisibility

#14 This Fountain That Looks Like A Perfect Place To Sit Down

Image source: defntlynot_clp-e46

#15 Toilet Door With Another Door In It That Won’t Stay Closed

Image source: PaulFlynn_

#16 “I’m Sure You’re All Wondering Why I’ve Gathered You Here Today”

Image source: Highly_paid_orgy_pro

#17 Upon Walking In This Bathroom At The Supermarket I Was Initially Disgusted At Filth And Lack Of Cleanliness Until A Closer Look Revealed It Was Designed This Way

Image source: jeffy983

#18 You Gotta Pay Attention On These Stairs In A Cinema

Image source: DurkleR

#19 This Chandelier At A Restaurant I Ate At Bothers Me So Much

Image source: fluffynuff

#20 This Is The Logo For A “New York Style” Pizza Place In Ponce, Puerto Rico

Image source: noel-13

#21 This Picture In McDonald’s Was Hung Sideways

Image source: haleydaydream

#22 Love To Shutterstock See This Kind Of Stuff

Image source: mateussgarcia

#23 My Bed At A Hotel I’m Staying In

Image source: dosnos

#24 Not Exactly The Color Pattern You Like To See In A Bathroom

Image source: bergerNfries

#25 No Words Needed Here

Image source: skess345

#26 The Chairs Waiting For You In The Laser Eye Clinic’s Reception

Image source: SkiFreeSasquatch

#27 Sometimes People Use The Left Part

Image source: Lord_neah

#28 These Restroom Stalls Have Translucent Doors

Image source: hi_fbi

#29 Marked The Door Swing Area, Boss

Image source: jz1493

#30 Went In To A Bathroom In Airport And Was Surprised With This. Almost Turned Towards Exit Before Realization

Image source: Bakica_original

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