Someone Replaced The Dinosaurs In Jurassic Park With Ferrets, And It’s The Remake You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Published 3 years ago

If you love dinosaurs, you’ve probably seen the Jurassic Park movies numerous times, and think they’re pretty much perfect the way they are. After all, the movies already have giant T-Rexes, tons of action, and, of course, Jeff Goldblum, so how could you possibly make them even better? Well, someone has found a way – and they did that by replacing all of the dinosaurs with ferrets.

Check out the ‘updated’ Jurassic Park in the gallery below!

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Someone recently replaced the dinosaurs in the scenes from Jurassic Park with ferrets

Image credits: Things that are not aesthetic

The pictures were shared by the Things that are not aesthetic Facebook page where they received over 61k likes and 58k shares.

Now that’s a remake we’d love to see!

Image credits: Things that are not aesthetic

Who knew these adorable creatures could be so creepy?

Image credits: Things that are not aesthetic

If you love Jurassic Park then you should definitely check out these interesting facts about the series here!

The original post was liked over 61k times

Image credits: Things that are not aesthetic

And shared by another 58k people

Image credits: Things that are not aesthetic

Let’s hope that one day we’ll see this improved version in the cinemas!

Image credits: Things that are not aesthetic

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