20 Unique American Lifestyle Signs, According To People In This Online Group

Published 1 year ago

Americans think they are all that and that the whole world revolves around them. It’s true that they have a huge influence on how the world evolves but nowadays, things have changed a lot from how they used to be. The rest of the world has caught up and some have even forged their own distinctions on how the world should operate in a civilized and smart manner that indicates development and success for everyone.

However, the ideology ingrained in American minds that they did it first and best is hard to erase. In fact, they are proud of many of their idiosyncrasies in a way that is almost impressive. So, a Netizen asked the question, “What is an American thing but Americans think everyone outside of America does it?” and the answers were rather interesting. Scroll through the ones we selected below and feel free to add your own observations in the comments.

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#1 Thinking everyone wants to live in America.

Image source: Tuesdayallweek, 5chw4r7z

#2 UK here, the price you see in a shop is the price you actually pay

Image source: siciowaThe9, Marc Majcher



My experience is that Americans don’t often consider people outside of America. My American family are lovely people but they are insular patriots and they’ve never had a reason to think outside of America really.

And to answer your question, most of it is monetary assumptions. They were blown away that we don’t tip everyone for everything. They were also surprised they knew the exact amount they were going to pay for something before they hit the till.

Image source: CourageTraditional63


Image source: AT1787, Anete Lusina

When I came to US from Canada to see a friend, after dinner when we were splitting the bill they asked if I could just venmo it over. And then I told them we don’t have venmo. And then I saw the shocked pikachu meme face around me.

So I’m gonna say venmo.



Image source: iebi, Luis Penados

Born and raised in the US (Massachusetts). When I went to Australia, I automatically assumed that the waiter would bring the bill over when they think we’re done eating and just tell us to pay whenever we’re ready. I sat at the table for a good 15min just browsing my phone with no food or drink on the table until I decided to call a waiter over. They told me when I’m ready, I can pay at the front counter.

Went to Brazil to visit my wife’s family and we ordered some street food. I tried to pay upon order and my wife told me they take payment after we finish eating even if it’s street food… After eating, we totally forgot that we haven’t paid yet and just got up and walked away because we’re so used to paying upon order. About 50metres of walking, I was like, wait… We didn’t pay for the food. We rushed back to pay and the cooks had a good laugh about it.


#6 Having the waiter take your credit card at a restaurant.

Image source: bobbi21, Free Images

Most other countries bring the machine to you so you can pay at the table and at least reduce the risk of having your credit card information stolen…



Image source: batedkestrel, Richard Berg

Immense portions in restaurants and then taking a slightly less immense (but still big) boxful of leftovers home. Calling the main course an entrée, when entrée means starter/appetiser.

#8 Calling the main meal an entrée.

Image source: Kate-ish, NatalieMaynor

Elsewhere (most of the world, including France from where the word comes), it’s the course preceding the main course.
Synonyms are appetiser, starter or hors d’oeuvre.

Edit: hors d’oeuvres are not the same as appetisers – I used the term as a generality to differentiate main from non-main courses.
Thanks to those who pulled me up on the specificity ??

#9 No joke I knew a girl who really thought every country lit fireworks on the 4th of July.

Image source: Old_Consideration_31, Nigel Howe

#10 Drinking out of red solo cups in college.

Image source: mommyrella, arvind grover

A friend of mine studied abroad in London and said her new friends asked if we actually used them or if they were “only in the movies.”


Image source: A2CH123, Dennis Jarvis

Free water at restaurants, and water just being brought to the table by default without you ordering it. I definitely prefer the American way. I literally always want water with my meal, regardless of whether I am also ordering something else to drink.

#12 Having garbage disposal units installed under kitchen sinks.

Image source: SuvenPan, bradleypjohnson

#13 No issue with violence shown to kids in tv and movies, while simultaneously losing your s**t if someone flashes a breast at any time

Image source: stonercd, Stefania Toso

#14 Flags on everything always seemed weird to me, flags on their houses, flags on their cars, flags at the beach, flags f**ken everywhere.

Image source: Fearless_You808, Nick Amoscato


Image source: throwawaylogin2099, Dricker94

Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s alarming to me how many Americans I’ve met who think all countries do their own version of the pledge. It is a uniquely American thing.


#16 mm-dd-yyyy

Image source: SuvenPan, tanakawho



Image source: Rwebberc, Mike Mozart

The gas pump only turning on after you’ve paid. I was in the UK and filling up my rental at a somewhat rural station and was flabbergasted that I was supposed to pay after. I asked the guy if people ever leave without paying and he just shrugged and said “sometimes, but not often enough that it’s a problem”



Image source: drax3012, Abubakr Saeed

The sheer amount of ad breaks when watching a tv show. In the US, there seems to be one every 10 mins, but here in the UK, you get a break halfway through a show and then in between shows and that’s it.


#19 Circumcision. It is actually not very common outside North America & Africa.

Image source: Erik_Kalkoken, Presidencia de la República Mexicana

#20 Having public bathroom stall doors that do NOT go all the way to the floor.

Image source: Mahaloth, Ben Schumin

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