Kid Whose Homemade Shirt Was Mocked By Others, Receives The News That His Design Is Used For Making Official Merchandise

Published 5 years ago

Kids can be mean sometimes, bullying others for seemingly no apparent reason, like showing up to school in an orange shirt with a design you created yourself. Now, this might sound a little specific but that’s what happened to one fourth-grade student of the Altamonte Elementary School in Florida.

A special event called “College Colors Day” was announced at the school during which kids could show up in clothing representing the colors of their chosen university’s sports team. The boy in question showed up wearing an orange shirt representing The Vols, a sports team of the University of Tennessee, with a custom logo attached to the front. Sadly, some girls made fun of the boy’s shirt, leaving him devastated. But don’t get upset just yet – the story has a happy ending and the boy’s teacher, Laura Snyder, shared it all on Facebook.

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For College Colors Day, this fourth-grade student made his own University of Tennessee T-shirt

Image credits: Laura Snyder

Sadly, the boy got bullied for the shirt in school

Image credits: Laura Snyder

The teacher’s post quickly went viral and the University of Tennessee sent the class lots of merch

Image credits: Laura Snyder

Image credits: Laura Snyder

Image credits: Laura Snyder

The kids received all sorts of cool merch from water bottles and notebooks to hats and t-shirts.

Image credits: Laura Snyder

Image credits: Laura Snyder

Image credits: Laura Snyder

Not only that, the university actually turned the boy’s design into an official T-shirt!

Image credits: UTKnoxville

Image credits: UTVolShop

“As the Volunteers, the University of Tennessee believes in putting others before ourselves. We’re so glad we were able to support this student, put a smile on his face and bring more orange into his life,” Tyra Elizabeth Haag, the Director of Media Relations at the University of Tennessee, told Bored Panda. “In the true spirit of UT, alumni, fans and honorary Volunteers around the world have stepped up. Pre-sales of the shirt have reached more than 16,000. All proceeds from the sales will go to the non-profit STOMP Out Bullying.”

People loved the whole story

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