16 Whole Houses You Can Buy On Amazon

Published 5 years ago

When you think about building houses, you probably imagine careful planning, loads of materials and construction crews. Well, forget about all of that. Now you can simply pick out a house on Amazon and have one delivered to your doorstep!

They are called kit houses and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And it’s not a new concept – mail-order houses were pretty popular in the first half of the 20th century, especially the Sears Catalog Homes. Upon ordering the home, you receive a construction plan and everything you need to build the house. You just need to purchase your own concrete and masonry.

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#1 Timber Frame Kit $39,976.00

Image source: ECOHOUSEMART

#2 Laminated Log House Kit $63,965.00

Image source: ECOHOUSEMART

Even though the cost of additional materials can drive the price of the house up, ordering a kit house is much cheaper than building one from scratch.

#3 #tf-033 House $49,612.00

Image source: ECOHOUSEMART

#4 Laminated Log House $149,591.00

Image source: ECOHOUSEMART

Of course, another option is to simply buy the plans and purchase all of the materials needed yourself.

#5 Timberline $34,900.00

Image source: ALLWOOD

#6 Lillevilla Getaway $18,800.00

Image source: ALLWOOD

The majority of the houses are made from a material called glulam – glued laminated timber. Glulam has no knots and is 50 to 70%  stronger than regular timber while also providing better thermal insulation and structural stability.

#7 Eagle Point $46,900.00

Image source: ALLWOOD

#8 Sommersby House $8,360.00

Image source: ALLWOOD

Some disadvantages of glulam are a higher price, use of lower quality wood in some cases and loss of natural look due to processing.

#9 Ranger House $19,990.00

Image source: ALLWOOD

#10 Cliff Home $105,000.00

Image source: Q-haus

#11 Avalon House $32,990.00

Image source: ALLWOOD

#12 Cozumel Park $64,900.00


#13 Vermont Cottage $17,259.00


#14 Bella House $16,800.00

Image source: ALLWOOD

#15 Eagle Vista $64,650.00

Image source: ALLWOOD

#16 Richmond Barn $11,495.00

Image source: BESTBARNS

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