Kolkata for the Bibliophiles: Enchanting Book Cafes in the City

Published 8 years ago

If you ever ask a true Kolkatan about the best way to curb stress and overcome depression, then out of 10, eight will hand over a book to you. As we all know in India, Kolkata is the hub of arts and culture, where from a very young age, an individual is inculcated with a sense to admire art, be it any form. But the most prominent form of art admiration in Kolkata has to be that for literature. Taking the legacy of Rabindranath Tagore and other legendary writers that Kolkata gave us, the city is brimming with bibliophiles. Taking this majority in consideration, one can find a large number of book cafes in this city. Sip some coffee, and flip some pages, what say?

If you just bumped into attractive Bangalore to Kolkata cheap flights, and have an innate fondness for books, then why not take a tour to Kolkata to admire the art, culture, and of course, the fish fascination of this city. What could be a better way to read away some pages of your favourite classic, while sipping on a mug of hot coffee, right in the heart of the literature capital of India, right? Here are the best book cafes you must check out in Kolkata–

1. Cha Bar, Park Street

There’s nothing more blissful than reading with an exquisite fragrance of refreshments, especially coffee, in the background. That is precisely what makes Cha Bar such a delightful spot for book lovers in Kolkata. The ambience of this book cafe is spot-on for spending some quality time, with nothing else but a zillion books around you, one or two in your laps, and not to forget, your favourite variant of coffee and tea pampering your taste buds simultaneously. The chocolate truffle at Cha Bar is highly recommended for adding a dash of sweetness to the blissful experience.

2. Cafe Story by Chair Break, Elgin Road

The racks of Cafe Story are stacked with books ranging from a lot many genres. Their collection is tremendous, and that dependably attracts an overwhelming response from its frequent visitors. The extensive setting and the delightful atmosphere here definitely deserves a thorough observation. The cafe is constantly brimming with bibliophiles and the passion that you see in their eyes while they read a book is simply outstanding! You can also get your favourite snacks and drinks from their little, but hearty menu.

3. Crosswords, Multiple outlets

Being the booklover’s heaven, Kolkata still holds its café legacy. Holding this rich social legacy of the city, Crosswords book shops have concocted cafes around the city with a touch of particularity in it. Crosswords have taken the agony to give a tranquil feel where individuals would love to invest their time to escape from the jarring horde of the city. Here, you can simply haul out a book from one of their racks, sink into one of a lounge chair and keep reading the book with light music playing out of sight. Make sure that you have a glass of cold coffee here, which is their signature item.

4. Starmark, Lord Sinha Road

Although, a new addition to Kolkata’s book cafe scene, Starmark has, as of yet, the most footfall in the city by book lovers. The principal reason is the wide assortment of books that they stock. For those who’d like a taste of coffee with the sound of the pages rustling, then a little corner is accessible in this shop for that very purpose. Grab soon!

5. Cafe The

A spot where like minded Kolkatans meet, with the objective of admiring and discussing art in the form of literature! Its beautiful walls, comfortable seating and finger licking menu is an impeccable entice for the individuals who are enamored with both books and food. You can invest hours among the books or you may strike up a discussion arbitrarily with different book lovers in this spot. In totality, Café The is perfect to spend an evening all by yourself!

Someone said it right that “Books are a man’s best friends.” indeed, each and every book lover agrees to this unanimously! When you have a book, a story to read, then you need nothing else. These book cafes do justice to this very concept. So head to Kolkata if you too are an avid bibliophile.

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