10 Stunning Lace Murals On Urban Canvas, Created By NeSpoon

Published 9 months ago

From kindergarten scribbles to captivating street murals, NeSpoon‘s journey is a testament to her unwavering passion. In a recent interview with DeMilked, the artist revealed the secrets behind her art, shedding light on her influences and creative process that have now graced more than 100 cities around the world.

The artist’s fascination with the delicate art of lace-making forms the backbone of her work. In an interview with DeMilked, she said, “My murals are inspired by the art of lace-making. This artistic craft has a centuries-old tradition, dating back to the 15th century in Venice. In the 19th century, hundreds of thousands of people worked in the lace industry, and with the mass emigration from Europe, lace became popular all over the world.”

Her murals not only pay homage to tradition but also infuse public spaces with a tranquil beauty that speaks to the human desire for serenity in a bustling world. Describing her creative process, she revealed, “Wherever I am, I search for local lacemaking traditions and local patterns. I visit museums, meet the last, still working lace makers. Lace making is the most feminine art form. Over the many years of my work, I have met hundreds of women making lace and only a few men. It was the same over the centuries. Women’s lace circles were of great importance to traditional communities. Women met, talked, shared joys and sorrows, supported each other. On the basis of such meetings and research, I create a unique mural project, dedicated to a given city.”

Check out some of her stunning works in the gallery below.

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Image source: NeSpoon


Image source: NeSpoon


Image source: NeSpoon


Image source: NeSpoon


Image source: NeSpoon


Image source: NeSpoon


Image source: NeSpoon


Image source: NeSpoon


Image source: NeSpoon


Image source: NeSpoon

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