15 Relatable Comics Showing How Our Daily Routines Changed After Covid (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

You can’t deny that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our daily lives quite significantly. A lot of things that seemed normal just a year ago now seem like a distant memory, and it will probably take a while until things return to normal. And to show just how much COVID-19 affected our daily routines, artist Irina Blok started a comic series called Covid Life.

The artist says she could never imagine that our lives would change in such dramatic ways. She has been drawing comics since the beginning of the lockdown to blow off some stress, and just kept coming up with more and more new ideas. “Just because everything changed so much, everyday things became surreal,” explained Irina. “For instance, since all doctor visits became virtual, I was joking the other day that “going” to a doctor would require showing different body parts on a video call, so I turned this conversation into a drawing.”

Check out some of Irina’s latest comics in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our previous posts here, here, and here!

More info: Instagram | twitter.com | irinablok.com

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#1 Things I Don’t Miss

#2 Vaccine Rollout

#3 Weekend

#4 Co-Workers

#5 Covid In Hell

#6 2021

#7 Pandemic Doctor Visits

#8 Pandemic End

#9 Getting Vaccine

#10 Honey I’m Home All The Time

#11 Us Tech Jobs

#12 Covid Case Count

#13 Pandemic Day 562

#14 Screen Shot

#15 Pandemic Valentines

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