20 Stories Of People’s ‘Just In Case’ Safety Measures That Proved To Be Life-Saving

Published 1 year ago

Have you ever acted on a gut intuition that you could not explain at the time, but it came back to save your life? Or maybe you do certain things to reduce risk when going about your daily activities as a little ‘precaution’ that has been a literal lifesaver. 

Someone asked online, “What ‘you know what, just to be safe’ thing did you do that ended up saving your [butt] later?” – and the answers received are rather exciting tales of how one small almost dismissive action may have saved their lives or at least saved them from a whole load of unwanted trouble. 

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Image source: Temporary-Good9696, Lisa Fotios

My friend and his wife were having their first child. They had gotten a big packet of information and paperwork to fillout before the due date to make things easier. There were also brochures for genetic testing and other thing that could be done, and one of the things was about saving the cord blood. My friend said that he looked at the front of the brochure and his wife asked if they should do it (it is not cheap, a couple thousand $ to save it and a few hundred a year after that), and my friend said “yes.” Their daughter was born later that year. Three years after her birth, they had a boy, and he was born with an immune disorder (no white cells), and his big sisters cord blood and stem cells were used as a treatment.


Image source: TheKr1tster, Andrea Piacquadio

Not my a*s, but i was getting ready for school whilst mum was vomitting in the bathroom. She said it was just a stomach bug and to just go to school but mentioned her arm hurt.
Something didn’t sit right so i called the ambulance from downstairs.
They arrived and took her into the ambulance – she then proceeded to have 3 cardiac arrests and needed defibrillated each time. A double bypass later and she was up and about within a month.

Paramedics told me she would have died 5 mins after i left, if i hadn’t called.


Image source: gooodwoman, Abi Begum

Not my a*s, but my moms. She and I were home alone and I was getting ready to go to a party. I came upstairs and found her with the carbon monoxide detector in pieces on the coffee table. She said it was beeping, and apparently once years ago in our last house one was malfunctioning and giving a false alarm so I guess she just assumed it was happening again. I shrugged it off and continued getting ready. I was about to leave but something was nagging at me, she was insisting it was fine. After some arguing with her I said “No. we are calling the fire department.” So I did. They came, and the levels of carbon monoxide were so high in the basement they said anyone sleeping down there would be dead already. Our cats were vomiting from the poisoning and we didn’t realize. I guess the filter on the furnace was so clogged it was pumping out carbon monoxide. One of the fire fighters pulled me aside and said if I hadn’t called I likely would have come home to my mom dead in her bed.


Image source: rangacurls, Pixabay

Putting only one of my work shoes in the hotel safe along with my valuables. Literally has stopped me in my tracks from forgetting my wallet and passport in a different country.


Image source: Geruchsbrot, John-Mark Smith

Might sound ridiculous, but many years ago when I did my mandatory community service (was a thing in Germany as a counterpart to mandatory military service), there was a particular day in a pretty harsh winter.

I usually went to ‘work’ with my bike, as the streets where cleared of snow and ice anyway. At this day, I didn’t take my helmet off because when I arrived at the place I worked I immediately started to showel snow and didn’t even walk inside first. My workplace was a huge and old 4-story hostel in the woods. The roof was packed with snow and there where massive icicles hanging from the gutters. When a coworker asked me why I decided to look like an idiot with my helmet on I jokingly replied it was for serious security reasons.

A few moments later an icicle block fell down and hit me on the head and the shoulders, the impact was so brutal that it made me fall down on my knees. Shoulders where bruised but my head was fine.

I really don’t know what could have happened if I didn’t wear my stupid bicycle helmet “for fun” that morning. Serious injury for sure.


Image source: RudeAndSarcastic, HS You

I used to always carry a small high powered flashlight in my pocket. One day my wife had to go to the ER. She was having problems with her feminine bits. Her gyno was called, and during the exam, my wife began to bleed out. The ER was insufficiently equipped as far as portable light sources on hand, and on a whim, as her doctor stepped out of the room, looking panicked, I made a snap decision, pulled that flashlight from my pocket, and offered it to the doctor. I showed her how to operate it, and to make a long story short, that $5 flashlight saved my wife’s life by making it possible for her doctor to find the bleed and stop it. It didn’t save my a*s, but it saved the life of the woman I love more than life itself.


Image source: MickeyM191, Mike B

Saved the GPS location of my vehicle on Google Maps before exploring a national forest with a road trip buddy.

We grabbed some fishing poles and head out towards the nearest water location on our map to hopefully catch a couple fish. Turns out it was a swamp not a lake and we got so incredibly turned around it could have ended very badly. We really didn’t go that far in from where we parked but somehow ended up on the other side of the swamp without realizing it. Drizzling rain, mosquitos, bear tracks, and the sun started going down before we found the car.

Without the GPS coordinates saved it would have been a cold wet night in the woods at a minimum, and more than likely a “search and rescue required” situation.


Image source: Puzzleheaded-War-113, cottonbro studio

I lock my doors habitually. Walk through a door, reach behind me, twist the lock. It’s the way I was raised, and i honestly don’t even think about it. I’ve actually gotten myself into trouble absent mindedly locking other people’s doors (house, offices, shops … I’m a menace).

This one night, I’m sitting and reading pretty late, and I suddenly think, “I need to check my front door to make sure it’s locked.” Lo and behold, it’s actually unlocked. Shocked me a bit, but I locked the door and the dead bolt and slid the chain for good measure, then go get myself a glass of water.

As I’m walking with my glass of water from the kitchen back past my front door, I catch a movement out of the corner of my eye. I turn to the door and watch the doorknob slowly try to turn left and right. The mircomovements that a locked doorknob can be forced when twisted. I put on as deep of a voice as I can and forcefully stage project, “I have a gun, and I’m calling the cops!”

The doorknob stopped turning. I slept in a closet that night…. just in case.


Image source: ReactionClear4923, Lukas Žvikas

On a road trip with our (my siblings and I) dad in Latin America (he lived there and we were visiting).

On a highway at night, with clouds, no moon and no lights (this was a new highway that nobody likes taking now, as criminals often leave glass or spikes to puncture tires and rob you, or worse).

We were driving and this guy was pulled over and waving for help. My dad stopped behind and the guy was scared and asked if we could light up his car while he changed a flat tire (he was terrified of being out where alone and rightfully so)

Dad goes to get out to help and my sister grabbed him and said she didn’t think this felt right. Dad assured us it was fine and almost got out, but sister grabbed him again. Right then a car flew by the door right where he would have been. 4 guys jump out, one grabs the man puts a gun to his head and the others sprint to our car.

There was a brief chase down the highway, but luckily their old Corolla didn’t keep up with our jeep, and they gave up after 2-3 mins of driving 170km/h

My sister saved my dad’s life (and probably ours) by making him stay in the car that extra few seconds

Edit: The guy with a gun to his head lived and was “okay” given everything. After the chase, we had to turn around and continue on the way we were originally going, as the were no other routes to get back home (unless we backtracked 6 hours). After we passed the vehicle of the man, we saw he wasn’t there anymore and we thought the worst. Luckily we ended up passing 4 national guard vehicles about 2 km later and saw that the man was with them talking to them.

To answer, I’ve never known if the guy was in on it. The timing has always seemed off to me, however the look of fear in his face was so genuine when the guys jumped out that I can remember it perfectly 15 years later

Edit 2: The country in question is Venezuela


Image source: windexfresh, Sarah Chai

Was watching my toddler nephew and he’d found a metal straw somewhere in the house and started playing with it. He was just tapping stuff and waving it around, but I’d *just* read a story on Reddit about a woman who got completely f****d up by a metal straw when she fell and it impaled her face, so I took the metal one from nephew and gave him a soft, squishy silicone one to play with instead.

I’m not exaggerating when I say less than five minutes later, he fell like toddlers do and I saw the silicone straw all smushed into his cheek.

I had to just sit for a while after that, lol.


Image source: Fat_Ryan_Gosling, jay pizzle

I dropped my high school girlfriend off, then for some reason I locked the passenger door. Not 10 minutes later I was stopped at a red light and some scummy looking dude tried to open up the door. I have no idea why I locked that door after she got out, I really didn’t have a habit of that. No idea what would have happened if that guy got in my truck.


Image source: CompanionCarli3, Flex Point Security

Learned CPR and first aid. Had to give CPR to a family friend when she collapsed from a heart attack and thankfully she was brought back after being down for 15 minutes. She only had minor memory problems and mostly just couldn’t remember that day. She still here and kicking years later.


Image source: Ok-Ad-2605, Sasun Bughdaryan

Had some weird achy symptoms and went to the doctor even though I figured I was probably overreacting. Turns out I had cancer.


Worked alone in a gambling/video poker place, closing. Strange guy came in and started making small talk with me. I was expected to be kind and friendly to everybody who came in so I was doing that.

I decided to send a message to my boyfriend and a friend and then something in me told me to take a picture of the guy as he moved closer to the counter I was behind. I snuck one real quick and sent it to said friend since she was awake.

She called me immediately as she drove the 20 minutes to my job. An hour before I got off. I’ll add, I didnt drive so I had no vehicle in the now abandoned parking lot, the only car being his which was conveniently backed in, right next to front door.

2 days later there was a missing person’s report released of someone who was a very familiar build and features that I have and suspected trafficking in the area. She went missing later that same night. He left after my friend showed up.

I’ve never had such an uneasy feeling in my life and I truly think sending those messages are what saved my life. He was waiting for me to get off work at 1 am – our hours were right on the front door.

Image source: ericakay15


Image source: notallamawoman, Towfiqu barbhuiya

My dad lost his glasses once. He was going to just use his old prescription but last minute decided to just go to the optometrist anyway in case something changed. Turns out he had a tear in his retina and was booked for surgery within 24 hours. It was bad enough they said he probably would have gone blind really soon had they not caught it when then did.


Image source: Casper771, Mike B

When I was a student I’d do my own work on my car to save mechanic bills. One day, after changing brake pads, I was driving on the motorway at 100kmh (the freeway at 60mph for our American friends) and felt a slight shuddering through the steering wheel. Given you’re not supposed to stop on a motorway unless it’s a real emergency, I was reluctant to pull over to check if anything was wrong. Though having only worked on the car that morning, I decided I check – just to be safe. Turns out I hadn’t even finger tightened the wheel nuts, only threaded them about a half-turn each.

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Image source: Kingkongcrapper, Todd McCann

Snow chains at the bottom of the mountain. A bunch of cars passed me on a clear road on the way up with several warnings all the way up. I saw a local throwing on chains with no snow in the area. I decided to be safe and put them on. 30 minutes later I was in one of the worst snow driving conditions I’ve ever seen. White out conditions in a snow storm that eventually resulted in the complete shutdown of the roads. I passed car crash after car crash with just enough traction to feel somewhat comfortable moving 15 miles an hour.

Anyone heading to Tahoe needs chains and chains that fit. Don’t f**k around. I don’t care if you have a four wheel drive. Driving through Tahoe and Mammoth during snow storms is no joke. Literally sunny with no clouds to blinding white darkness in an hour.

Edit: one more thing. If you find yourself near Heavenly and Siri sends you to a snowed over hill that feels too steep, turn around. Unless you have the right set up you aren’t gonna make it. Snow chains or not, you will slide. Just take the Harrah’s Gondola if it’s that bad. If you don’t already have your own gear try another resort. Heavenly is uniquely bad for rentals and beginners in general.


Image source: dimlightupstairs

Normally I’m pretty impressionable and cave to peer pressure, but this one time when I was younger I was hanging with my friends and a couple of “older” high school guys I’d only met that day. The girls were all fawning over them but I could tell they were idiots. When they all wanted to go for a drive with the guys, I thought ‘nah, I don’t trust these guys and I think it’s best I just call my parents and go home’.

I got a call the next morning from one of the girls who was passenger. One of the high school boys was driving, they’d had a serious crash and one of the girls wasn’t wearing her seatbelt and hit her head on the dash and was in a coma for six months. She was in intensive care and rehabilitation for years.

Still can’t believe of all the days I decided not to go with the flow, it probably saved my life. Terribly sad about my friend. We were really close but she never came ‘right’ and her personality changed. I still wonder how successful she might have been and if we’d still be friends if that hadn’t happened to her. Really sad.


Image source: Dmartinez8491, Jonas Leupe

In college I was an RA. A girl wanted to hook up with me and I was going to but I ended up drinking and watching lord of the rings: two towers with some friends instead at their dorm.

Few days later I was fired from RA job for sexually harassing a student. I didn’t in any way shape or form sexually harass anyone and the date/time given was when I was in middle of movie. I had 13 people to vouch for me.

Never found out this person who reported me but I’m fairly certain we can all guess who it was because after I and my friends all literally said I was watching movie (which I was and also I slept over at their dorm, nothing wrong with a 12 dude sleepover haha) I was rehired and case dismissed.


Image source: MermsieRuffles, Jean Latour

My freshman roommate and I had a massive falling out during our first semester. By Thanksgiving I’d already requested a room change, but had to wait until holiday break because there were no free rooms available. While we waiting for the room change we avoided each other and I generally spent as little time in the room as possible, which was usually fine. The last day of class before thanksgiving break rolls around and I was chilling in a friends room waiting for a ride home for the week. I’d texted my roommate to let me know when she was gone so I could come and grab my stuff and after she replied ‘k’ I didn’t think much of it. Out of no where a thought struck me and I sat bolt up right and shouted “THE VODKA!” I realized I had a half a handle of vodka stashed in my mini fridge. I’d jumped through hoops to get it from my older sister when we’d first moved in because my roommate had desperately wanted to throw a party in our room. But now that we were on the outs I KNEW this b***h would point it out to her mom when she got picked up in an attempt to get my disciplined. My friend thought I was insane, but I convinced her in a near panic that we had to do something! We called a mutual friend and cashed in a favor. We told him he needed to call my roommate and demand she get lunch with him to get her out of the room. I waited just out of sight in the dorm courtyard and watched her and the guy walk into the dining hall then dead sprinted to our room. THE HANDLE WAS SITTING OUT ON MY DESK. I immediately threw it in a garbage bag and buried it in my laundry then flew out of that room like a bat out of hell. Hours later I went to the room to pack up and found that she’d absolutely trashed the room. She had pulled apart my desk, my bed and my closet but some how missed my hamper. In a rage she ripped apart my name tag. In the end I got away with my vodka and she got written up from trashing my s**t. My instincts did not lead me astray that day!

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