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30 Of The Most Funny Sightings From Pride Events Around The World

Published 12 months ago

As the month of June progressed, many LGBTQ+ manifested their love and identity that were oftentimes discouraged. Hence, it is called Pride Month, these people take pride in what and who they love regardless of how the public would look at them. Also, it’s not just people who celebrated Pride Month, corporations also took part in it by changing their logos and imagery with rainbow-themed elements.

Now that the month of June is almost over, so does Pride Month. But let’s not end it there. Our LGBTQ+ friends still need support, validation, equal rights, and no discrimination. Once the month is over, let’s not forget them, join them in the struggle, and validate them, still make them feel loved and accepted.

To end Pride Month, we decided to collect the most memorable signs spotted in some pride events around the world. Scroll down, enjoy, and have fun! Tell us what you think is the most iconic in the comment section below.

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#1 Definitely The Best Sign

Image source: ersal

#2 Could Be A Phase

#3 I Went To Pride For The First Time Yesterday, This Is My Favorite Photo From The Whole Day

Image source: Untakenusr

#4 From Sunday’s Gay Pride Parade In Chicago

Image source: stardust7

#5 A Brave Little Girl Who Wants Equality

Image source: jamiebruesehoff

#6 An Old Man With A Sign At The Brighton And Hove Pride

Image source:

#7 Tired Hands

#8 Pride Month

Image source: malcolmfromthattime

#9 Pride Day

Image source: aidan.laws

#10 Harry

Image source: UKinUSA

#11 Love This Equality March Sign

Image source: bennyc80

#12 When Protestors At The End Of The Pride Parade Meet The Pride Community

Image source: julious29

#13 Placard Of The Year

Image source: bowen__ally

#14 Hard To Bet This Banner


Image source: fabulousdavey

#15 Love Will Win

Image source: es8ch

#16 What It Says On The Tin

Image source: drdoolydia

#17 God Said

#18 Sauron Didn’t Discriminate

Image source: thomasgskinner

#19 Zurich Pride Was Amazing Today. Met So Many Friends, Saw So Many People, Couples And They Were All Looking So Happy. Also, I Loved This Sign

Image source: dogsog

#20 The Sky Spread Rainbow In Kolkata, India

Image source: lgbtpride.india

#21 Pride Parade In London Sign

Image source: gtiso

#22 Asexual Pride

Image source: meanderingwhale

#23 Los Angeles Pride

Image source:  lgbt

#24 This Is Beyond Huge. Loving The Truly Hilarious, Witty Placards

Image source: burpbbpy

#25 Seen At The Delhi Pride Parade Today

Image source: bekd70

#26 Tim Tams

Image source: _Nnooo

#27 Love Is Love. Milano Pride

Image source: rainbowsquad.official

#28 Mojang Walking In The Stockholm Pride Parade, July 30th, 2016

Image source: JoelWiklund

#29 Zurich Pride Was Amazing Today. Met So Many Friends, Saw So Many People, Couples And They Were All Looking So Happy. Also, I Loved This Sign

Image source: dogsog

#30 A Shout To All Who Went To The 3rd Szczecin Equality March

Image source:


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