20 Pics That Might Leave You Feeling “Mildly Uncomfortable”

Published 11 months ago

If you’re a fan of horror you probably like things that make you feel “something”. Whether it’s a rush of adrenaline, chills up your spine or the mildly uncomfortable sensation of seeing something that’s slightly disturbing.

If this sounds like you, the want to “feel” may be fulfilled by the following collection. Scroll below for a selection of images guaranteed to make you feel either mildly uncomfortable, annoyed or unsettled. 

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#1 S N O O T

Image source: theclimate

#2 Imagine This Guy Sits Next To You On The Bus

Image source: Void_Admirer

#3 A “Zombie Spider” – Spider Covered In Fungus, Half-Dead, Half-Alive Which Can Crawl Around. Found In My Basement

Image source: reddit.com

#4 I Wish I Could Unsee This So I Could Stop Thinking About It

Image source: Kaelyn_c1, Original artwork by: deepdarkfears

#5 No

Image source: reddit.com

#6 I’m Very Very Aggravated

Image source: bortsmipzon

#7 *unsettled By The Entire State Of Ohio*

Image source: Emily_mnew

#8 So I’ve Been Ordering Pizza At This Small Local Place For Years, They Got A New Guy Last Week

Image source: Bulky-Computer-6299

#9 Therapist: Long Grapes Don’t Exist They Can’t Hurt You Long Grapes:

Image source: _BewareOfYou_

#10 Double Thumb Nails!

Image source: Scorpieonna_Sting

#11 I Think I’ve Hit A Snag

Image source: naty2525252525

#12 Both

Image source: reddit.com

#13 Evil Clown Found In Two Bacon Slices

Image source: anthson

#14 Hairy Skin Apple

Image source: Sc0rp10_the_redditer

#15 Dont Ask Me About This

Image source: Wolfshadow15

#16 Would You Buy It?

Image source: Void_Admirer

#17 This Isn’t How You Use A Bookcase!

Image source: mrsthompsoon

#18 …the Way These Trees Line Up

Image source: Misshelly_42

#19 The More You Look, The More Uncomfortable You Get

Image source: Virus_USA

#20 This Light Doesn’t Look Right (X-Post Oddlysatisfying)

Image source: xtraspcial

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