20 Annoying Myths And Conspiracies That People Still Believe For Some Reason

Published 11 months ago

The flat earth conspiracy really made us wonder about the intelligence level of some people. However, it’s a fact of life that while some stories sound unbelievable and illogical there are a few that will still believe it.

One particular ‘Ask Reddit’ thread is dedicated to identifying such common myths and conspiracies people still believe in despite evidence to the contrary. The responses indicate there are quite a number of theories that still go around which people tend to believe. Covering everything from dinosaurs to pregnancy, we’ve found some of the most far-out theories to share with you below. 

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#1 Scientology

Image source: ReMiCkS_25, Alexey Taktarov

#2  Dinosaurs were placed in the ground by the government in order to discredit religious people and prove evolution…or something like that. I can’t remember the details. It gave me an aneurysm.

Image source: deleted, Jon Butterworth

#3 The world is flat, and it only looks round from space due to gravity distorting light.

Image source: Dr_Graves, NASA


Aside from everything in the bible itself, my mom told me that bibles could not burn because they contained the word of God so God protected them from being destroyed. She told me there were many instances of entire houses burning down but the bible(s) remaining intact and virtually unscathed. So I burned a bible when I was about 8 years old. Myth busted!

Image source: Jeditard


My MIL got mad at me for reaching up high to grab something while pregnant because, “That’ll wrap the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck!”I told her that no part of my anatomy directly connects my arms to the inside of my placenta. She didn’t believe me so I googled to show her it’s an old wives tale. She got upset and cried. :/ Sweet lady but damn. Use some common sense

Image source: ComprehensiveScore4

#6 Vaccines cause autism.

Image source: thatsboxy, Mufid Majnun

#7 If you have “organ donor” on your driver’s license then EMTs will let you die to take your organs

Image source: ajfirnfh, Yassine Khalfalli

#8 Breatharianism. The idea that people can live without food and all we really need to survive is oxygen. Not sure how this group still exists

Image source: Akatsiya, Artem Kovalev

#9 The earth is only 6000 years old. Tell that to the Sumerians

Image source: rawbamatic, Michel wal


Image source: ComicCat-Laz, Clément Falize

A black cat is an omen of bad luck and if one crosses your way you have idk how many years of bad luck. Along the same lines is the mirror 7 years of bad luck, and walking under a ladder. Like, excuse me? Can that cat ration enough to put a f**king spell on you?? And how tf are inanimate objects gonna cast a f**king spell????? Like it just seems extremely dumb

#11 Magnetic balance improving bracelets. I will immediately write you off as dumb or at least very gullible if you wear one of those those things.

Image source: Nsekiil, Stephen Leonardi

#12 We only use 10% of our brains

Image source: Black-Byte, Robina Weermeijer


That dwarfs didn’t exist before World War 2.

A friend tried to tell me that They were bred by the Australians to be able to hide in kangaroo pouches and ‘sneak attack’ if the country was ever invaded.

We’re not friends anymore.

Image source: The_Master_of_LOLZ


Image source: sirdigbykittencaesar, Kari Shea

As recently as 1993, when I had my youngest child, there were people telling me during my pregnancy to get rid of my cat because it would get in the crib and “take the baby’s breath away.” The fact that I had an almost-four-year-old who survived household cats didn’t hold water with them.


Image source: Creabhain, Eduardo Soares

An idiot told my wife a few weeks ago that if you are being mugged at an ATM you need to type in your PIN backwards. He thinks this will allow you to withdraw money as normal but “alerts” the police who dispatch a squad car to your location imediately.

When she asked what about people with mirror image PINs and PINs such as 4444 he still maintained that he was right. No actual answer, just insisted he was correct.

#16 Whales control the weather and are currently causing global warming. Because apparently their movements affect ocean currents or air currents or I don’t even know what. I wish I were making this up.

Image source: dynamouse, Todd Cravens

#17 So many people genuinely believe blood is blue inside their body

Image source: wizmey, Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

#18 David Icke’s theory That every world leader, member of royalty and figure of importance is reptilian.

Image source: 0wl-Exterminator, Annie Spratt


Image source: Nightslayer9522, Tyler B

My father once told with with absolute seriousness that if a snake bites you, and you survive, the snake dies instead. Apparently this is an old wives tale from India, but he defended it for a solid ten minutes before begrudgingly admitting that it didn’t make any sense


I can’t decide which one of these are worse.

– Having a discussion with a friend and his buddy about Bruce Lee. Then the topic of his death comes up. The conspiracy theories start to fly but it didn’t really get too ridiculous until my friend’s buddy piped up.

“Bruce Lee actually died when he set himself on fire while cooking hot dogs. They covered it up because no one wanted to think that the world’s greatest martial artist would have done that to himself. But anyone who does a little reading will know this.”

– At work we were discussing fighting games. The one guy then blurts out that the reason Asians are so good at these games is that the machines are built by other Asians to have *genetic decoders* built into the buttons. Once the machine verifies that you are Asian, the game gives you unfair advantages over your opponent. He was completely serious about this theory. When he was finished talking, there was a good 8 seconds of complete silence until my friend piped up and says, “That’s…..got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.”

Image source: InferiousX

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