30 Times People Missed The Obvious Punchline Of A Joke

Published 1 year ago

We all enjoy a good joke or a good roast because at the end of the day we really do like to enjoy life and make the most of what it gives us. So, when we come across those individuals that clearly don’t get the joke but either pretend to, which according to studies turns out to be 70% of the time, or someone who just responds so seriously to an innuendo or a pun that it makes us cringe with the awkward salaciousness of it all. If you love that kind of feeling, hang on because you’re in for a real treat with the posts we found on the Thats the Joke account shared below.

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#1 Thanks For The Explanation

Image source: kiidlocs

#2 When An Entire Sub Whooshes As One

Image source: 852derek852

#3 That One Person Who Ruins The Joke

Image source: KC-Karate

#4 Heh – You Said Boobies

Image source: RokMartian

#5 Pretty Self Explanatory

Image source: Punsandrecreation

#6 And It Was The Top Comment Too

Image source: reddit.com

#7 I Sure Did!!!!

Image source: covid-1990

#8 Smallpox

Image source: GreyFoxNinjaFan

#9 Gardener, Removed

Image source: MasterSpectacleMaker

#10 It Is At Least A Lvl 1 Meme

Image source: Christanmom147


#11 Sick Joke Bro

Image source: ANameYouCanPronounce

#12 Who Gonna Tell Him

Image source: Abin5ur

#13 How Does This Have 110 Likes

Image source: ToxinLab_

#14 That’s Crazy

Image source: gannon_yeehaw


#15 Found This On A Different Subreddit. Sorry To The Hardcore Redditers For Reposting

Image source: RoostarHead

#16 That Was The Point

Image source: VenatusDominus

#17 The Comment My Cousin Made To A Post My Sister Shared On Facebook

Image source: Rude_Influence

#18 They Should Make A Joke About That

Image source: rocketsalesman

#19 I Dont Know What To Put Here

Image source: astronaut9525

#20 First Of All, The Repost, Then This Comment

Image source: Viksome_12

#21 Amy Schumer Isn’t Funny

Image source: kiidlocs

#22 Haha Yes Tumblr Moment

Image source: liamfirthh

#23 •••

Image source: AryaKar1shma

#24 *rest

Image source: reddit.com


#25 No Way… I Mean Let’s Ignore Cloths

Image source: reddit.com

#26 C’mon Man I Made It So Obvious

Image source: RandomStupidClips

#27 The Caption… Yeah No S**t

Image source: skittlepiddle

#28 That Is In Fact The Joke, Thanks U/Jesstgefangirl_

Image source: InconspicousJerk

#29 You’d Think Someone In A Meme Subreddit Would Catch On

Image source: Aneides_Aeneus

#30 Yep, You Got It

Image source: toph88241


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