People Were Confused By BBC’s Dracula Billboard During The Day But It All Came Out At Night

Published 5 years ago

Recently, BBC released a new series called Dracula and erected massive billboards in London and Birmingham to promote it. However, they left some people confused. When viewed during the daytime, it appears like a series of randomly placed stakes on a white background. Sure, stakes are kind of vapire-related but is that it? Oh no – just wait until it gets dark.

Turns out that during the nighttime, and additional light comes on and the randomly placed stakes begin to cast a shadow of Dracula himself! Creepy and genius, right? Check out the billboard in the gallery below!

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Two massive billboards promoting Dracula were put up in London and Birmingham

Image credits: bbccreative

Some people were confused when they saw them during the daytime – but just wait until it gets dark

Image credits: bbccreative

Image credits: bbccreative

Image credits: bbccreative

Some people couldn’t believe it’s merely the arrangement of the stakes that casts the shadow and claimed there has to be some sort of clever backlighting trick. Either way, we think it still looks pretty awesome.

The Dracula mini-series aired at the beginning of the year

The three-episode miniseries launched at the beginning of the year, receiving mixed reviews. Sadly, the series failed to capture the viewers’ attention with some critics blaming their viewing habits.

People loved the creative billboard but criticized the series

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