20 Of The Most Bizarre Sculptures Spotted In Public That Surprised People

Published 1 year ago

Art is in the eye of the beholder, but the creations we are about to behold are something else altogether. We are so used to Picasso’s and Michael Angelo’s art, but modern-day art takes on a life of its own, sometimes with a peculiar twist. 

This post is dedicated to those outlandish pieces of art scattered around the world and randomly spotted by some adventurous soul who thankfully documented it for posterity. Scroll below for a random selection of wacky and extraordinary sculptures that may even seem a little spooky!

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#1 This Sculpture Of A Sunken Giant. Guatemala City

Image source: unquestionablysober

#2 The Water Is Fine, Come On In

Image source: malleeman

#3 This Statue In My Town Is Always Turned Back To You

Image source: tacitmeniscus

#4 Lebanese Artist Uses Broken Glass And Rubble From Beirut Explosion To Create A Memorial

Image source: ZeezoRockOut

#5 Mermaid-Man Sculpture

Image source: cameron.stalheim, cameron.stalheim

#6 A Sculpture Called “Karma”

Image source: bonaducci, SubcommanderShran

#7 This Building Had A Realistic Statue Of A Police Officer

Image source: MLGCatMilker

#8 Officially The Creepiest Sand Sculpture At Revere Beach

Image source: jaredmay76

#9 Adding To The Sculpture Trend. Vancouver, BC

Image source: aldulea

#10 Realistic Sculpture Titled “The Traveler” In Orlando International Airport

Image source: eisenbergw

#11 This Statue I Found While Visiting Italy

Image source: YafetM

#12 This Weird-Looking Transformers Statue

Image source: Legatus_Loki

#13 I Took This Pic Of A Hyper-Realistic Statue In NYC Today, It Was Freaking A Few People Out

Image source: ramblerandgambler

#14 There’s A Giant Statue Of An Eyeball Across The Street From The Restaurant I’m At

Image source: ButZebrasCantSmell

#15 This Statue, With Realistic-Looking Eyes And Teeth, Nightmare Fuel

Image source: rybooooooooo

#16 Statues At A Bhuddist Temple In Japan

Image source: you_ji_low

#17 Underwater Shark Statue At Lake Neuchâtel

Image source: 1091drawde

#18 A Statue Hanging In The Cellar Of An Abandoned Castle

Image source: neonroli47

#19 The Most Australian Statue Ever

Image source: Snarfy_Shnarf

#20 Driftwood Statues By Nagato Iwasaki

Image source: philstein1

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