Guy Spent 4 Years Growing A Living Tree Church

Published 9 years ago

The Church is made of people, and this church is made of plants. New Zealand’s Barry Cox spent fours years building the Tree Church. The structure stands in his back yard. An iron frame stands in the middle, surrounded by carefully chosen trees. The roof is covered with branches that give easily to training, and will eventually make up the actual roof. They have been also chosen for the density of the leaves, to let the light in. Another kind of trees were chosen for walls, since they have a stone like color.

Church architecture has been an interest of Barry Cox for a long time. He has also had a lot of experience in transplanting trees. Cox’s company, Tree Locations, uses a truck-borne tree space to transplant grown plants, saving them from being cut down. This also allowed him to make the 4 year Tree Church look like it is a way older project.

I wonder if asking for ents would be blasphemy.

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Tree Church presentation video:

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